Friday 1 July 2011

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Why My Wife Thinks I'm Crazy

It happens all the time when my wife and I are talking to people.  Eventually the subject of our traveling comes up, and you can almost count down the seconds until the phrase "We'd love to travel like you guys" comes out.  We always nod and encourage our conversation partners to plan a trip and go experience somewhere new, but what's going through my head is "Really? You really want to travel like us?  My wife doesn't even want to travel like us."  

I've made my wife do some pretty crazy things in pursuit of the deal.  Last summer our first trip consisted of 22 nights in 21 different hotels, and this was with all three kids in tow.  After that it got a little hectic.  Lori has learned to always have suitcases nearby and ready to go.  When I can plan ahead, I do, but when $99 flights to Hawaii come available, we're leaving as soon as possible.

I recently booked a ticket for the StarMegaDO3.  This is a crazy weekend put on by a bunch of serious frequent flyers, the kind of people that make George Clooney's character in Up in the Air look like a homebody. They charter a plane, and fly around the country meeting with airline executives, hotel chain leaders, and airline manufacturers.  I'm going to post the schedule here, and you decide if this is how you'd choose to spend your days off.

Wednesday September 7th

6AM Flight from Kelowna - Chicago via Seattle

6PM The United management and Hyatt management welcomes everyone at the Park Hyatt Chicago.

930PM transport to the official SMD3 hotel Hyatt Regency O'Hare

Thursday September 8th

7AM Diamond Breakfast at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare

730AM-8AM Shuttle service to Terminal 1, O'Hare.

United behind the scenes tour at O'Hare.

1045AM The world second greatest magician Al James puts on a show at the C RCC, send off Champagne party.

1130AM Boarding of Star Mega DOs 3rd charter CO1904 starts at the C gates.

12Noon Departure O'Hare. Al James comes with us to Montreal and will entertain on the plane.

3PM Arriving in Montreal

Transportation to Hyatt Regency Montreal

7PM Air Canada, Aeroplan program at Hyatt Regency Montreal.

Friday September 9th

7AM Diamond Breakfast at Hyatt Regency Montreal

8AM Buses depart for Mirabel airport, Bombardier tour

1130AM Buses depart for YUL, Bombardier, Air Canada and Aeroplan program

530PM Our charter CO1904 departs YUL

Official party flight!!

730PM Arrival in Denver

Transport to the Grand Hyatt in Denver

Free & Easy night

Saturday September 10th

There will be 3 experiences to choose from this Saturday. The day is hosted in cooperation with our friends at the Jason Dahl's Scholarship Fund who commemorates the 10th anniversary of 9/11

Confirmed: Tour of United Airlines training facilities. Auction of simulator time on 777 and A320!!

Working on: Air National guard tour and F16 rides!!

Lockheed Martin Tour.

5PM Hyatt Program at the Grand Hyatt Denver.

Close at 9PM

Sunday September 11th
Early flight from Denver back to Vancouver (via Los Angeles and San Francisco) because I forgot I'm hosting a bunch of pre-teen girls at the Taylor Swift concert that night.

Drive back to Kelowna

So it's Kelowna-Seattle-Chicago-Montreal-Denver-Los Angeles - San Francisco -Vancouver-Kelowna over the course of four days.  Sound like a fun way to spend your weekend?  If so, then I'll stop shaking my head and asking if you "really" want to travel like us.