Tuesday 19 July 2011

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Where Am I Going??

Apparently it's important to know where you're going.  I'm not talking about that whole guidance counselor "What are you gonna do with your life?" type of path, although as my children get older and start thinking about university I'm sure I'll be using that phrase more and more.  I mean when you leave the house/city/country, people want to know where you're going, even if you don't really know.

Today my boy came to me and asked what our plans were for the next month.  While not an unreasonable question, it's not a normal one coming from him.  He usually only cares about the speed of the hotel's internet connection.  It seems that his friends were laughing because he was heading out for the next 25 days or so, but he had no real idea where he was going.  This doesn't really seem fair to me, as I can guarantee you that none of them know exactly what they will be doing for each of the next 25 days (OK, one of them is settled into a SpongeBob marathon, and he may very well still be sitting in front of the TV 25 days from now, but the rest have no clue).  Even my wife, who has to be used to traveling without firm plans by now, wants at least a general outline of where we are going.  Apparently packing for Hawaii and packing for Denver require two completely different wardrobes.  Who knew?

Speaking of packing, man am I missing the Magic Suitcase today.  I don't like packing at the best of times, but packing for long trips is annoying.  On the other hand, I do have one big advantage when it comes to packing for a 25 day trip, in that I barely have enough clothes to get me through that long at home, so I don't have to pick and choose what to take, I just pack everything I own.  My wife doesn't have this problem.  The picture here is of her closet.  It was taken AFTER she packed 25 days worth of clothes.  It might be time to reign in that shopping budget.

Somehow, it's all been condensed into suitcases, and it's ready to roll.  I can confirm now that the longer the trip, the longer you'll stand there staring at the bags thinking "I know I've forgotten something", and I probably have but it's time to get going.  I hope I've got everything, I hope everything goes as planned, but most importantly, I hope our hotel gets the channel that the SpongeBob marathon is on.