Wednesday 27 July 2011

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This Song Goes On and On....

Thinking in the morning isn't my strong suit.  I'm much more of a late night person, and any important decisions of the day should be postponed until after lunch at the very earliest.  It is for this reason that I'm very grateful to the Mirage for giving us 2 free buffets per day.  I don't have to figure out where to get food first thing in the morning.  Usually, if left to me, morning food is anything I can find in the store downstairs or anything that is still left in the room from last night.  With two buffets waiting for me, I'm a well fed person for the entire day.  I appreciate it, and I'm sure Lori appreciates her breakfast not being a day old muffin that was 1/2 price in the gift shop.

Today we dropped the girls off at the mall (surprise!) and then me and the boys headed over to the Las Vegas Hilton to play for a little bit.  Things still haven't really turned around for me yet, and I'm still doing terrible at video poker.  It actually got so bad for a while that I got tired of looking at losing hands and decided to play the Star Wars slots for a while.  This might not have been a good decision, as it turns out these slots are incredibly addictive.  There's something about sitting in a chair that's rattling and vibrating each time the Millennium Falcon blasts by that's a whole lot of fun.  It was a great distraction from my losing streak, but tomorrow, I'm back to beating the video poker machines.

Tonight we all went out to see Celine.  Can you hear the boys in the group cringing?  I know they were because I was too the first time I went to see her.  What they didn't know, is that the show itself is a real big production, with lots of special effects and a huge band to play with her, some of whom are almost equally talented.  Celine is about a combination of things.  The girl can sing, there's really no arguing that point, and then you add a venue that's loaded with toys, combine it with some of the latest technology such as holograms (the duet with Stevie Wonder was fantastic) and you have a really well developed show with lots for everybody, even those who aren't particular Celine fans.  Somehow she even managed to keep my attention through the finale, the dreaded Theme from Titanic.  I had been bracing myself for that song through the whole show, but she threw in a spectacular special effect that even had me cheering and maybe, just maybe, singing along a little.

The night finished up with us walking the strip to show the newcomers to our group a couple of hotels that they hadn't managed to see yet.  It's amazing how sometimes it's the sober group who make all the noise.  Of course it was early on a Tuesday night, so I imagine that later we would have been one of the more behaviorally correct groups, but for once it was nice to see people trying to get out of the way of the crazy people who didn't have giant footballs full of beer in their hands.  Oh, and by the way Mark and Erin, yes, we have all done the crazy poses in front of the Monte Carlo.  There just doesn't seem to be any photographic evidence of the rest of us.