Thursday 14 July 2011

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It's Hard to Type Quietly

We had to wrap up at the Hyatt Grand Cypress today, and I guess I owe it a bit of an apology.  While there were some things about it that didn't really suit us well, there were a lot of amenities there that were pleasant to have.  The pool, while populated with idiots much of the time, was huge and very beautiful.  The girls took kayaks out on the on property lake a couple of times, and once we learned to avoid certain times of day, the Regency Club was a great place to enjoy some free snacks.  We also discovered over the last couple of days that the hotel was within walking distance of Subway, Burger King, and Pizza Hut.  That's like the triple crown for us in a state with no Jack in the Box.

We had the room until 2pm today, so I did put the offer out that if anybody wanted to get up early and go back to Universal Studios for some rides that I would go, but I got no takers.  It seems that everybody is worn out and just wants to get some sleep.  I was a little disappointed not to go back, but it gave me time to get everything packed up.  We've moved to the Hyatt inside the Orlando airport, as we have an early flight tomorrow morning.  Staying here was a little more expensive, but it let me return my rental car a day early, thus more than saving the difference.  The girls got a chance to build their Florida Build a Bears too (They are allowed to build one bear per state/province) as there is a location inside the airport.

Our room is fairly small, and everybody around me is sleeping so I am trying to type as quietly as possible.  Instead of making this too much longer, I'm going to finish today by posting some pictures that I didn't share already.  See you back in Seattle.