Sunday 17 July 2011

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Isn't It Supposed To Be Summer?

For the last time this trip, I got to wake up in a hotel that was making breakfast for me. I'm not sure why I enjoy the free breakfasts so much, as I almost never eat breakfast at home. Of course it would seem like a lot of work to make the kind of food that is available in restaurants, so maybe I do like the breakfasts, but I'm just lazy. Or maybe it's the free part that I like. Either way, we had another great breakfast down at Urbane this morning, then packed up and headed home.

We usually cross into the US to fly when we travel, as the amount of taxes you save is quite often more than the cost of the trip itself.  While that part I appreciate, the one thing that always puzzles me is the border between the two countries.  First of all, I have no ability to figure out when it's going to be busy or not.  Times when I expect it to be busy, there is no line at all.  Then sometimes in the middle of the night it's backed up for hours.  Either way it's worth the savings, but what really baffles me are the random questions that the border guards ask sometimes.  I know that they are trained to ask these things, and observe people's reactions, but some questions are off the chart weird.  I frequently get asked "What is the purpose of your trip to Disneyland?" (and I stammer over an answer every time they ask), "What year did you graduate?" (I don't know what grad year caused all the problems, but 1986 is clear!) or "Are these your children?" (Oh the opportunities, but I know that sarcasm at the border isn't a good idea).  Those are going in to the US.  When we come home the border guards just look across me and say "Welcome back Lori.  How much did you spend this time?"

The one drawback to flying out of the US is that it's a long drive to get there from our house, which means a long drive back home at the end of each trip.  I didn't see it marked anywhere, but I assume that somewhere along the way we must have crossed the international season line, as there's no way that BC can still be calling this summer.  I haven't seen this much rain since...uh...well I guess last Friday in the Magic Kingdom. Fine. If summer's not coming here, I'll go find summer.  A couple of days to reset and we'll be off again.