Sunday 31 July 2011

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My wife may be Team Edward, but I'm Team Instinct!!

Yesterday I mentioned that one of my favorite things about the Hyatt Regency Orange County was their great buffet breakfast.  It really is good, but some days there's just nothing that's going to overcome the desire to stay in bed.  Not me of course!  We're talking about somebody else making me food here!  The kids, however, were not to be moved out of bed, so only Lori and I made it down for breakfast this morning.  Oh well, more food for us!

I get a lot of people asking about Disneyland passes.  I really wish that I had better tips for you guys, but I've never really been able to find a great way around the price.  Disney sells their passes for a slight discount online, but I kind of count that as the base price since I don't know too many people who show up at the gate of Disneyland without a ticket already bought.  The Southern California City Pass is a pretty good deal IF you're going to do Universal and Sea World while you're in town anyways.  Sometimes the airlines will have packages where they claim the tickets are discounted, but you never really know if they're discounting the park tickets, the hotel, or the flight.  Some hotels claim to sell Disneyland tickets at a discount, but it's usually about the same as buying in advance online.  My best advice is to simply go more than once a year and buy an annual pass.  Once you factor in the cost for two visits you're pretty much at the same price as an annual pass, which includes discounts at most of the shops and restaurants in the park, and in the case of the premium pass, free parking.  If nothing else, it's a great excuse to go to Disneyland more often.

Today was not to be a Disney day for me and the boy though.  We were back at MLG for day 2 of the competition.  Actually I should say we were back for "night 2" as we didn't get going from the hotel until much later.  It's not that we weren't keeping track of things.  We had the live stream of the event on in the hotel room all morning, but it took until around 3:30 in the afternoon for us to totally recognize the irony of us watching a live stream of an event that was taking place less than a half mile from us, which we had already purchased tickets for.  I spent a lot more time taking in the Starcraft tournament today, and with some help from my son I'm starting to understand things a little better.  I still prefer the Halo tournament though.  It's so much easier to see what's going on.

My favorite place in the Convention Center wasn't in front of the Halo main stage though, nor was it in the sea of people taking in the featured Starcraft match.  If you were looking for me you probably wanted to start at the Dr. Pepper booth, a stand staffed with lovely young ladies handing out free Diet Dr. Peppers.  The booth also happened to be the autograph booth, where people I don't look like lined up to get autographs from people I don't know.  Amazingly the tournament itself is actually holding my interest, and I find myself checking online to see who won the games that weren't played on the main stage.  I'm even looking forward to going back tomorrow for the finals.  GO INSTINCT !!!
The crowd watching the Starcraft main stage
Note Master Chief on the left.  Yes, he's playing Halo.