Wednesday 7 December 2011

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Why We're Not Talking to Goofy

Yup, that's my son ignoring Goofy. They passed each other in Toontown, and my boy used the same move that all the cool girls (and, if we're being honest, the not-so-cool girls) used on me in high school - the "If I don't make eye contact with you, you don't exist" move. Sure it's kind of hard to not make eye contact when a giant dog walks past, but that should show you just how strained our relationship with Goofy had gotten.

How did it get that way? Of course I'm going to tell you...I'm just not going to tell you here. Today's tale is being hosted at my buddy's site "The World of Deej". Deej is a fellow Disney addict, so I knew he'd sympathize with me when I told him my story of thievery, deception, and a power hungry dog allowed to go unchecked on the west coast of Disney's empire. He might not believe me, but I knew he'd sympathize.

So if you're ready to visit the World of Deej and read our tale of tragedy, click here. While you're over there though, ask him what his problem is with Cheese Soup.'s a Canadian specialty man...