Tuesday 6 December 2011

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I'm (Casually) Dating Marriott

I might have been watching too much Sister Wives. I used to have just one main hotel brand that I used - Hyatt. Unfortunately, my chosen hotel bride couldn't always be where I needed her to be, so I took a mistress (and that's the only time I'll ever be allowed to type those words) and took up a casual relationship with Hilton. Then there was the lifetime status in Fairmont mistake, and the floodgates were open. I was adding hotel programs faster than Kody Brown was meeting women, and just like his wives, everyone was clamoring for me to spend more time with them.

Somehow, while enjoying my new found Casanova status among the hotel brands, I never noticed Marriott. Kind of like the girl next door who's always around yet never the object of your attention, I just never looked her way. This point was driven home to me this month, when Marriott ran a promotion that I wanted to participate in, and I realized that I didn't even have an account number with them. What kind of hotel stud am I, when I don't even try and flirt with a chain as large as Marriott? It was a sad state of affairs, but I'm pleased to announce that while we haven't started dating yet, I do at least have Marriott's phone number now (or membership reward number...whatever you want to call it).

So what dress did Marriott finally bust out to get my attention? Actually it wasn't anything all that exotic, I guess she just looked good in it. This month Marriott is running a point giveaway on their Facebook page. It's just a simple "like us" then click to see if you win, with prizes of 1,000 points being awarded five times per hour. You can enter once per day, and you can enter on both the Marriott International fan page, and the Marriott Rewards fan page. The contest runs through all of December, so you still have lots of time to start earning some free points in the Marriott program. There's also a grand prize at the end of the month of 1,000,000 points, but let's be realistic. This is a new relationship, and somehow I just can't see us going that far, that fast.

So while I'm excited to be starting off on this new partnership, I have to admit that I am a little bit leery of what I'm getting myself into. See, I did what you're supposed to do when you start a new relationship, and stalked all their online pictures. Sure there were plenty of attractive pictures, and even a few absolute head-turners, but I couldn't help but notice something worrisome about their series of pool pictures. Let me show you a few of their fantastic pools, and see if you share my concerns:

San Antonio
Costa Rica
Virgin Islands
Not sure (it's on their Facebook page) but I want to go!

It's not just me right? I mean, do I have to hold my arms out at a 90 degrees angle if I'm using the pool? And is there a "One person in the pool at a time" rule? I guess these are the kind of mysteries involved in any new relationship, and for now I'll just work on my upper arm strength and hope the answers aren't going to be some dark, hidden secret that comes out on our third date.