Friday 2 December 2011

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Christmas Mornings in Disneyland

We've spent the last five Christmas mornings in Disneyland, because nothing says "Birth of the Savior" like consecutive rides on Space Mountain. Truthfully though, it's probably the most perfect day of the year to be in the park. All of the Christmas chaos is over, and since most people are busy opening presents, there's very few people out. The Christmas carols are still playing, but you can actually hear them for once, and there's just a general feeling of contentment among everyone as we all move peacefully from attraction to attraction, everyone knowing that this was the magical atmosphere Walt was trying to capture when he built Disneyland. It's that little bit of Peace on Earth.

Until around noon. After that it's a freakin' nuthouse. We usually bail by lunch and go see a movie in the afternoon. When it's quicker to watch Avatar than it is to get through the line for It's a Small World, it's time to head home.

This post is a part of Friday Daydreamin at R We There Yet Mom. If you didn't get here from there, you should really go check them out. There's people there who might still be stuck in line for It's a Small World.