Saturday 3 December 2011

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Five Questions On My Mind This Week

I don't usually spend too much time thinking about the questions that pop into my head during a day. Sure, there's plenty of things that I wonder about, but I have a very simple process for forming an opinion on even the most controversial of issues - I ask my wife. Sometimes though (and I'm sure I shouldn't be admitting this in virtual print) I'm not sure that she's right. I'm not saying she's wrong! There's just some things that I'd prefer to (very discreetly) get a second opinion on. Nothing's more discreet than this blog, so I thought I'd ask you guys a couple of the questions that have been puzzling me this week:

Do I really need to be at the parent/teacher interviews?
This week was time for parent/teacher interviews at my girl's school, and I have to confess that these things make me feel like an incredible third wheel. Not only are both of my daughter's teachers female, but my wife is also a teacher at the same school. The conversation flows very freely between the ladies, and trying to interject is like trying to talk to one girl at a bar when she's hanging out with a group of friends. By the way, in case you're wondering...The lines that work well at the bar...Not so applicable during parent/teacher interviews.

Do I really need to be there? Or am I just that annoying guy at the bar?

Would you want to live beside the ultimate Christmas light house?
We went out tonight to look at some Christmas light displays, including our annual favorite house that always has a great display. Actually "great display" is really an unjust way to phrase it. With two Ferris wheels and a merry-go-round it's the closest thing to a Six Flags that we have up here. It's also a huge traffic nightmare, and even though it's on a dead end street, the few neighbors who live at the end of the road must just hate this time of year. At least that's my wife's take on it. I look at it as a chance to get out of putting up Christmas lights of my own. I mean, really, what am I going to do? Put up my one little string of lights along the front gutter of my house, then make sure it turns on every night at five? Might as well just save the electricity. Plus, imagine how easy it would be to give somebody directions to your house. "You see that glow emanating over the city? We're the house to the right of that."

If you lived next door to this electric carnival, would you bother to put up lights?

Real or Staged?
First, before you watch the video, know that Michael Buble is not quite as clean as his music would make you believe, and there are a couple of swear words in it. Putting that aside, this video is making the rounds of Facebook again this week, and I really have a hard time believing that this was a completely spontaneous event. If I had been pulled up on stage (and believe me, I wouldn't put it past my mother) this video would have had a completely different direction, although it might have been just as popular in a Rebecca Black kind of way. I hope it's real, because it would be a really cool story, plus it would set a great precedent. I want to see the video of somebody's Mom fighting their way to the front of a Metallica concert to try and get James Hetfield to pull her son on stage.

Real? Or is Michael Buble just trying to create new swear words?

What's the fuss about Five Guys?
We had a Five Guys burgers open up in our town the other week, and despite the fact that I was really excited about them coming here, when I finally got to try one I was a little disappointed. It was a decent burger, but nothing great, and for the price ($10 for a bacon cheeseburger) and the wait (almost 20 minutes) I'm not exactly motivated to go back. One of my favorite stops whenever we're traveling is always In N Out Burger, but they don't seem to be expanding from their chosen few States so far, so help me out....

Where can I get a really great burger?

Ummm...What the heck did my daughter get me for Christmas?
The tree went up last week, which means the presents started going under the tree this week. This one appeared a couple of days ago, and I haven't been this tempted to peek at a present since I was seven. Now I know that my daughter didn't run off to Kate Spade behind my back and pick something out for me, but my wife...She always makes jokes about how if I don't stop dumping stuff in her purse she's going to get me my own. Cause for concern? Or is my daughter just devious enough to wrap her present like this to tempt me to peek?

Is there anything you'd buy a guy for Christmas at Kate Spade?