Friday 5 October 2012

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Wishing on the Weekend

I write a lot about me on here, which I guess is understandable. I mean really, I'm the only person I understand. I know I'm supposed to be able to relate to other people, but then those other people do things like camping, skiing, or exercising, and I'm left with the realization that the only person in the world who makes any sense at all, is me. 

Which is fine, but it seems rather self-centered, so for today's Friday Daydreamin', I thought I'd ask my family what they were dreaming about. We're headed into a long weekend here, so I asked my wife and kids where they'd like to spend this weekend, if they could choose anywhere that we've been before. Three of them chose bed, suggesting that I probably should have asked a little earlier in the day, but once they woke up a little, this is where they'd like to be this weekend:

Leeds - Hawaii

For a girl who dislikes spending time in planes, picking a destination that involves a six hour flight might seem strange, but Leeds is pretty enamored with Hawaii. She even has a grass skirt and knows how to hula, although I've been told that I'm never, ever allowed to use those photos on this blog. She kind of scares me, so I guess you guys are out of luck.

Neve - Key West

OK, Key West was a lot of fun, but I suspect that this choice has more to do with my daughter being in full-on school mode than anything else. It's like studying for a only remember things as long as you absolutely have to. Since this was our last vacation, I'm guessing it was foremost in her mind and thus probably seemed like "the correct answer". I'll still give her an A for answering.

Talon - Six Flags

To be honest, I'm pretty sure any Six Flags would do, but since Magic Mountain is the best one, let's say there. Actually, given his choice of anywhere at all I'm pretty sure the answer would have been Cedar Point, but since we haven't been there yet, his hands were tied. Choosing Six Flags is understandable though...I mean look at the excitement on his face from the last time he was there. Hard to contain that kind of enthusiasm in just one picture!

Lori - Las Vegas

When the first question back was "Do I have an unlimited budget?", I kind of knew where this was headed. Nothing makes Lori happier than shopping, and Las Vegas is her happy place for doing that. Of course, as her husband, I'm proud to say that I fully support her passion, and do my part to encourage her shopping by helping her focus her spending to just a few key stores...

Perfect. Now she's on the right track.

This post is a part of Photo Friday at Delicious Baby and Friday Daydreamin at R We There Yet Mom. If you didn't get here from one of those sites, you should really go check them out. There's people there who actually understand other people, although it's a pretty safe bet that none of them understand me.

Written by Steve Pratt