Thursday 11 October 2012

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More Strange Searches That Got You Here

So back in February, I wrote a post called Strange Searches that Got You Here about some of the rather bizarre terms that people were searching for that were bringing them to the More Kids site. What I didn't realize at the time, was that by putting these strange search terms into a post, in Google's eyes I actually became more of an expert for anybody else searching for the same term. Hence, over the last eight months, the number of people arriving at my site from the search term "Guys who marry out of their league" has gone up tenfold. Seriously...I know she settled, but it's kind of depressing.

Putting that aside however, the post was one of my kids favorites, and I now get asked almost daily if there were any strange search results that day. Oh how I wish I could tell them no, but it seems that people will search for just about anything. At the risk of being qualified as an expert on some of these subjects, here's the latest batch of strange search results that got people to the More Kids Than Suitcases site:

How to Deliver Kittens

I feel kind of bad now that I don't have any information on this subject on my site, because it sounds like it might have been a last minute, "I need this information NOW!" kind of thing. On the other hand, they must have seen something that convinced them to click through to my site. I'd love to know what it was, but more importantly, my girls want to know who has the kittens, and can they have one?

Why Do Deer Eat Grass?

OK, I do have cute pictures of Key Deer on my site, and a couple of them even look like they're eating grass, so I kind of understand how they got here. I'm more interested in the actual question. Why do they eat grass? Isn't that deer food? I just assumed that was what deer eat, but now I'm curious. I'm going to go Google that question myself, but I'm going to do it before posting this so that I don't get redirected to my own site.

Cut Foot with an Axe

Ahhh...Somebody found the story of my camping experience!

Bulletproof Canoe Socks

I have no idea what this person was searching for, but I just want to say that their life is WAY more interesting than mine.

Did Anyone Die at Getty Museum

This is understandable. If you look at the expression on my kids faces when they visited the J. Paul Getty Museum, you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe somebody died.

Weightlifting Jello

I can't figure out how this one worked. I don't write about weightlifting, and until Tuesday's mention of the salad station at a buffet, I've never written about Jello either. I wish I could get inside this guys mind though and see what he was looking for. Was he trying to lift heavy Jello? Was he standing in Jello while weightlifting? Was he looking for weights made of Jello? Because I'd love to know where I could find those.

Can I Drive the Bolt Bus?

I'm pretty sure there's laws and requirements to drive the Bolt Bus, but if I'm not in the immediate area, go for it.

Sexy Summer Looks for Men

Have t-shirts and shorts become sexy again? No? Then these people are definitely in the wrong place. 

Tim McGraw's Ass (x16)

I get lots of search traffic for Tim McGraw, but until last Thursday, I've never gotten anything for Tim McGraw's ass. Then, all in one day, I had 16 separate searches for that specific body part. Needless to say it caught my attention, so I scoured the internet looking for a news story that might explain this frenzied search term. I thought maybe there had been a wardrobe malfunction or something, but there wasn't anything to be found. Finally, after a whole lot of heavy thinking, I think I figured it out. Hey Abby Tegnelia, were you on my site last Thursday?

Written by Steve Pratt