Friday 12 October 2012

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Capturing Kournikova

I don't get to go everywhere. I usually write about our travels as a family, but sometimes the other members get to go places without me. My son went on a sleepover at the Vancouver aquarium without me. The kids have all been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge without me, and a couple of Octobers ago, my wife got the chance to accompany her friend to a Champions Series tennis event in Surprise, Arizona.

Her friend is obviously some kind of bigwig on the tennis circuit, as the girls got to sit in a VIP box and eat Lobster Ravioli and Tiramisu while having fancy drinks brought to them. Must be the life. I was at home with the kids, splitting up granola bars for them to share for their lunch. 

The Champions Series of Tennis (It's now named the PowerShares Series) consists of ex-players, such as John McEnroe, Andre Agassi, and Jim Courier, traveling around and playing small tournaments. While I'm sure it's quite a thrill to be able to watch these guys play tennis, the highlight of the day (at least in my eyes) was a charity tennis match featuring a mixed doubles team of Anna Kournikova and...ummm...some guy.

Yeah...Tarango....that's him.
Now I've been married for quite a while, so it's not really in doubt, but you know those little gestures that your spouse can make that let you know they really love you? My wife stopped eating her Tiramisu, put her drink down (or at least switched it to the other hand), and took pictures of Anna Kournikova for me.

In fact, she captured some really great shots for me...

I mean, I wasn't there...but I'm pretty sure this was the most crucial point of the match...

Actually, I'd say she even did a better job than the professional photographers in attendance. Dude, if there was ever a time to be taking a picture, this was it...

So even though I'm extremely jealous that I didn't get to go, I am glad that my wife got to have an adventure on her own. As for the Anna pictures, while I appreciate her taking them, Lori knows that the only person I'm really interested in seeing in a little tennis outfit is her. Besides, there's nothing like having a potential weapon in your hands to keep your husband's attention focused solely on you.

This post is a part of Photo Friday at Delicious Baby and Friday Daydreamin at R We There Yet Mom. If you didn't get here from one of those sites, you should really go check them out. There's people there who probably don't keep their purse with them while they're trying to play tennis. Nice try Lori.

Written by Steve Pratt