Monday 29 October 2012

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Travel Lessons I'm Hoping My Kids Are Learning

Part of the job of parenting is to be concerned about the things my kids are learning. Not the school part of things - their teachers do a fine job of that - but teaching things like patience, motivation, and inspiration, fall to Lori and I as the parents. 

For instance, when I make my younger daughter do her math homework, I'm hoping she's learning the value of time organization and thinking numerically. 

When I make my older daughter clean out her room, I'm hoping she's learning that it would be a lot easier if she just kept things neat as she went.

When I tell my son to stand just a little further to the left for a picture...Well really I'm hoping the he's just learning not to be so gullible.

Stupid Factory Honolulu

When it comes to travel though, I can't really control what my kids take from it. I've taught my children how to travel, but they experience things in their own way, and all I can do is put a little input in and hope that they're learning the things I want them to.

What are those things? I'm glad you asked. That's actually the subject of my guest post today over at Colorado Mountain Mom. Tami is having a Travel Week Extravaganza this week (you know it's special because there's extra vaganza, not just the normal amount) and in addition to some really great giveaways, she's having some of her favorite bloggers write guest posts for her. Apparently after those people though, there was one more spot left, so she asked me to write something for her as well.

My contribution? "What (I Hope) My Kids Learn from Traveling" is my list of five things that I'm really hoping my kids are learning from all this running around we do. Head over to Colorado Mountain Mom and give it a read. While you're there, enter her giveaway, but remember that if you win you owe me 25% of whatever your prize is. Unless she's giving away something involving Nutella. That's all yours.

 Written by Steve Pratt