Friday 20 January 2012

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Shopping with Conan O'Brien

I love traveling with my kids, but a weekend away with my wife is one of my favorite things in the world. We took an opportunity a while ago to get away and see the Conan O'Brien tour in Las Vegas. Conan had recently been let go from his Tonight Show gig, and the premise of the tour was the steps he was taking to deal with being unemployed.

Great show, tons of fun, but I know what you're thinking. "Hey Steve, the show looks great and all, but have you seen how many shopping bags Lori is holding in that top picture?" Oh believe me, I noticed, but it's a small price to pay my friends. Besides, Lori has earned her black belt in outlet shopping. She may carry a lot of bags, but she doesn't spend a lot of money.

Today, with the temperature hitting -20, a foot of snow on the ground, and another six inches expected tonight, I'm wishing that I was away somewhere warm with my wife. Vegas would do just fine, even if it means spending the afternoon at an outlet mall.

This post is a part of Photo Friday at Delicious Baby and Friday Daydreamin at R We There Yet Mom. If you didn't get here from one of those sites, you should really go check them out. There's people there who don't visit every outlet mall in the area when they're on vacation. I wonder what that's like?