Sunday 12 February 2012

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Strange Searches That Got You Here

A lot of you guys come by here fairly frequently. You either have this site bookmarked, or you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, via RSS, or by any of the other myriad of ways there are to keep track of us. We appreciate the fact that you're loyal readers, and Thank You for following along with us.

Other people get here in different ways. They may like to follow referral links, or click on our site in a list of blogs on a different website. Some people even like to type in each time they come to visit. However they get here, their intent was to come read our site, and for that we are grateful.

There's another group though, that weren't looking for this site at all. They were looking for something, but when they typed their query into the search engine of their choice, our site was recommended as a possible place for them to go. If they click through on to More Kids Than Suitcases, the search engine provides us with the phrase that they were looking for. Some of these make sense. We get a lot of people who were searching for "Kids Suitcases" even though we don't sell or review them. The phrase "Space Mountain broken down" also seems to send quite a few people to our site, and I apparently also qualify as some sort of expert on the Metropolitan Museum in New York according to the number of people who get here by searching for that.

These all make some sort of sense as I've written about each of those topics, although whether or not the information I provided was helpful is certainly open for debate. Sometimes though, the search keywords are enough to make you stop and go "Hmmmm..." Here's some of the stranger searches that somehow got directed to More Kids Than Suitcases...

"Full Physical Exercises for Kids" - I'm guessing that whoever got here searching for this information was extremely disappointed. I have no idea where in the blog I used this term, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't in the same context that this person is looking for. Still, I appreciate their popping by.

"Hot Girls in Bubbles" - OK, I know exactly how this person got here. I wrote about my girls going in those inflatable bubbles at the Arizona State Fair, and since it was in Phoenix, I'm sure I used the word "hot" quite a few times. Think that's what the person was looking for?

"Wife Hides the Good Food" - The best part of this search is finding out that I'm not alone. Apparently there are others out there whose wife won't tell them where she keeps the good stuff. Solidarity brothers!

"Kids Who Are Smarter Than Their Parents" - I highly suspect that this search may have originated from within my own house. My kids should consider themselves lucky that I can't figure out which computer it came from.

"All A Den End Jazz Mine" - Ok, this one puzzled me for a little bit, but eventually I sounded it out and put it together. What I wonder is how Google got this to my site. I've written about the Disney lovebirds before, but did Google sound it out and figure out what this person was looking for? If it did, I'm super impressed. Either that or I've written about Jazz Mines before. You never know what I'm going to talk about during one of those 2am writing sessions.

"Ice Cream" - It's not surprising to learn that I've got a small obsession with ice cream. I certainly don't deny that the words "ice cream" have been repeated countless times over the course of this websites existence. What amazes me is that somehow this person found me when they Googled such a generic term. I hold no illusions that I'm one of the top ten results when you search the words "ice cream" (I'm not, I've tried it) so I can't imagine how many pages of search results this person had to go through before they found whatever it was that linked them to my site. For their perseverance, I'd love to buy them an ice cream sundae. Of course, since I can't figure out who it was, I'll have to eat it for them too.

"Tried to Tip the Plaza Bellman with Quarters" - Think they might have been looking for something specific? Either that or my misadventures at the Plaza have become world famous.

"Guys Who Marry Out of Their League" - Again, not arguing the premise. Just like the ice cream search though, am I really one of the top 10 examples on the planet? How does this list go? Lyle Lovett, Billy Bob Thorton, and Steve? That's kind of depressing.

"People With No Writing Skills" - Well that's even more depressing! I've had enough. I'm taking my blog and going home. If you want to find me, just Google "Overly Sensitive Internet Writer". That should lead you right to me.