Wednesday 19 September 2012

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Fantastic Food while Floating

Food. It's not a subject you have to ask me to talk about twice, so when Disney Food came up as the topic for this weeks Wordless Wednesday, I knew what I was going to talk about. The food of the Disney Cruise Line

Despite the sometimes bizarre eating habits of our family, we all had no problem finding some of our favorite food aboard the Disney Wonder. My older daughter had to start each day with an order of Caramel Mickey Waffles...

...while my wife's food of choice for the cruise should surprise absolutely no one.

Wow. Who do you have to know to get 3 cherries on your sundae?
Even my ultra-picky younger daughter managed to find a snack that could tide her over between any of the all too frequent eating opportunities on board the ship.

Those are "Mexican Cheetos". I have no idea what the difference is, but apparently it's important.
My son and I were probably the biggest beneficiaries of Disney's need to feed though. We came in prepared to fight for every scrap of food we could get...

...but eventually we realized that there was just too much food to eat. Even for us.

Of course we couldn't just let the food go to waste. Although it was something akin to admitting defeat, eventually we swallowed our pride and called in reinforcements.

Next time we're going to need better reinforcements.

This post is a part of Wordless Wednesday over at Focused on the Magic. If you didn't get here from there, you should really head on over and check out some of the fantastic people that hang out there on Wednesdays. Some of them can probably admit it gracefully when they've had enough to eat, although I'm betting that they just have better reinforcements.

Written by Steve Pratt