Thursday 6 September 2012

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TripAdvisor's Strangest Complaints

A few days ago I was mentioning some of the complaints I found on TripAdvisor about the views available at the Four Points Kamloops. While those complaints were probably valid, a reader of this blog (who writes a fantastic blog of her own called Malaysian Meanders) pointed out that the last hotel she stayed at had people writing TripAdvisor reviews warning of silverware that was too big for children's mouths. It got me wondering if that was the weirdest thing somebody had ever complained about on TripAdvisor.

It's not even close.

Apparently people like to complain. Now I'm all for people warning about serious issues with a hotel. I always check TripAdvisor before booking a hotel that I'm not familiar with, and I appreciate all of the information that people take the time to share, but I have to wonder if some people aren't just trying to bait the poor hotel manager, who has to respond to these comments, into an early retirement. I'm pretty sure I'd rather call it a career than face a page of complaints like this every day:

"The double beds are very small"
     - I have to confess that I prefer it when my double beds are king sized.

 "The staff were very, very friendly, which made me very uncomfortable"
     - Hotel managers really should spend more time training their staff to be less friendly. A few well placed insults would have drastically improved this gentleman's stay.

"Hotel too cheap to turn air conditioning on when it's 50 degrees out"
     - This review was from the Hilton Times Square for a stay in December, so I think we can rule out that we're talking about Celsius here. Who needs the air conditioning on when it's 50 degrees out? Isn't that sweater weather?

"I had a visitor park in the self park lot for less than a half hour and they were charged $6 each time they had to come in and out"
     - While I'm certainly not a fan of places that charge for self-parking, how many times did you come in and out of the lot in that half hour? Driving circles around the toll booth is pretty much destined to rack up your bill.

"We were there at the front desk for almost 2 years and neither D agent nor D manager tried to assist us with their error in billing"
     - This is probably a legit complaint. I can understand having to wait one year to get a billing error fixed, but by the time the second year comes and goes, there's probably a customer service problem somewhere in the organization. Good for the reviewer for trying to reclaim some of that lost time by substituting the letter D for definitive articles in their review.

"The fireworks started before we were ready" (From the Howard Johnson Anaheim)
     - Obviously the HoJo has to take the blame for this. A quick call to Disneyland probably could have gotten the fireworks held off for 15 minutes while these people finished watching Final Jeopardy.

"The golf course was too hard. For what they charge, you should be able to get a good score"
     - I'm not sure how this belongs in a review of a hotel, but outside of that I'm totally in support of this theory. I'd be willing to pay an extra $20 per round to drop 10 strokes off my score.

"They played kids movies during Dive-In movie night at the pool"
     - Because nothing screams "Family time at the pool" like full frontal nudity.

"The second D in the Radisson sign was burnt out"
     - Well I'm not really sure that's worth mentioning in a re....Wait...the second D?

"The valet insisted that I leave my keys with him, which I wasn't willing to do"
     - You know, with what some of these places charge for valet parking, they probably should have to push your car to it's space.

Written by Steve Pratt