Wednesday 26 September 2012

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Eeyore, Emmys, and Evacuations

It's time for another Wordless Wednesday hosted graciously by Deb over at Focused on the Magic. This week we're talking about the letter "E". I considered posting a picture of my high school physics grade, but I really wasn't sure how to make that related to Disney, so instead I've found five other pictures that should fit the theme.

I'm not sure if Lori thinks she's won an Emmy or that she is an Emmy. With her, it really could go either way.

It's not truly a day at Disneyland unless you have to Evacuate Space Mountain at least once.

Free-falling Elevators serve a whole second purpose once you figure out where the camera shot is taken.

ElecTRONica is not my favorite nighttime activity at California Adventure, serving to remind me that not only am I too white to dance, I'm also to old to hang out with people who can.

Eeyore on the other hand, would probably fit right in at ElecTRONica. Sure, he spends most of his time posing nicely with little kids, but once you get the music cranked up...

The donkey has moves!

This post is a part of Wordless Wednesday over at Focused on the Magic. If you didn't get here from there, you should really head on over and check out some of the fantastic people that hang out there on Wednesdays. Some of them can probably dance just as well as Tigger and Eeyore, but I guarantee they can all dance better than me.

Written by Steve Pratt