Tuesday 9 August 2011

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Random Things from a Lazy Day in Scottsdale

Sometimes you just need to catch up a little.  We've been on the road for almost the entire summer, and today turned in to one of those days where you just take it easy and (in the boys case) catch up on your sleep.  Of course even when you're taking a day off, there are certain things that need to get accomplished...

Like shopping.  Remember yesterday when I said that it was important to find something inside to do during the afternoons in Phoenix to prevent yourself from melting?  Here's my wife and daughter heading to an outdoor shopping mall in the middle of the day.  Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and my wife's ability to shop. 

You also have to eat.  My absolute favorite fast food restaurant is In-N-Out Burgers.  I live just over 900 miles from the nearest location, so whenever I'm in the southwest I have to stop at least once.  My kids have resisted so far, as I've only been able to win two of them over to the fries and shakes (One of my daughters is a vegetarian, so fries and shakes is about as far as it's going to go for her.) but nobody is on board with my fanatical support for their burgers.  One day though, because we're going to keep stopping here at least once every trip.

While the girls were shopping I walked around the grounds of the Fairmont, and you can't go more than a couple of steps without encountering one of these little guys running around.  They're very tame, and will let you walk up to within a couple of steps of them before they run off.  I can only imagine the trouble they cause for the golf course next door, but I love having them run around the resort.

Looks like we're back at Space Mountain doesn't it?  We actually got off our lazy butts this evening and went out to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  It was playing at this old second run cinema in a strip mall where every other store had closed down.  I wasn't really all that confident leaving my van parked outside, and I actually went back and checked on it a couple of times while we were waiting for the show to start, but everything was fine (besides..it's a rental).  The lobby of the theatre was filled with video games and candy machines, but after we put a quarter in the skittles machine and it produced only two skittles, we decided that there may be better ways to spend our money.  The floor of the lobby was also incredibly sticky (Yes, I've seen the Dane Cook bit.  Let's not go there.) and you almost felt obligated to spill something on the floor before you proceeded on to the movie.  Still, the movie was good and we survived, so now we know that it's not worth risking life and limb to go to the movies there.  Except maybe tomorrow, when all shows are $1.50.