Tuesday 30 August 2011

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Dear Harrahs...

Dear Harrahs,

Thank you so much for hosting us for a few nights recently.  I really do appreciate your letting us stay with you, and I am really thankful for the tickets to the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert.  We had a fantastic weekend, and even though I tried as hard as possible, we didn't seem to lose very much money this weekend.  Unless you count the money my wife spent shopping.  If you got even a portion of that money then you made out like a bandit inviting us down.  I was looking over something on your website yesterday, and I couldn't help but notice a couple of discrepancies between what I saw this past weekend, and what you've chosen to use in your promotional materials on your website.  As a thank you for your hospitality, I thought I would point them out to you.

Firstly, I noticed that on the virtual tour of your Classic room, which we were assigned to, the cabinet in the room was closed, thus depriving people of the opportunity to preview the wonderful TV that you've placed in the room.  I was a little surprised to find a 25" tube television inside the cabinet, as I didn't think they made them any more, but after watching it for a little while I realized that it must be one of those new 3D televisions, as the picture was far fuzzier than any normal television could ever be.  I never did find where you hid the glasses in the room, but I'm sure it would have been a really fun way to watch TV.

It also seems that you forgot to include the details on your wireless internet for the hotel.  At least I assume you have wireless, as that's what your tech support person told me when I called for help.  We really did try, but for some reason my computer could never find your network.  It could find the business center's, Toby Keith's, Wyndhams, the Venetians, and four or five of the personal networks belonging to the people who live in the apartments behind your casino,  but not yours.  That's ok, as it was a lot more fun to move the table between the two beds so we could connect to the really short cable for the wired internet.  We could have used the computer as a night light, but we didn't need to, as the message light on the phone blinked solidly for the entire three days we were there, no matter how many times we tried to get it turned off.

My favorite bit of website magic however, is on your home page.  You have four pictures of people having a good time in your casino.  My favorite is the lady jumping on her bed (maybe she found the wireless network?) but they all have a certain something special about them.  Oh wait...I know what it is.  They're all sober!  Where exactly did you take these pictures, because I spent three days wandering around your hotel, and I didn't see anyone as sober looking as the people in your photos (OK, maybe the guy with the spoon hanging from his nose had a few drinks, but he's got a giant coffee in front of him now.)  You've either got an accomplished Photoshop technician on your staff, or you're hiding all the sober people somewhere.  If it's the latter, I'd love to know where.

Finally, I think you've missed a huge opportunity to promote your Party Pit.  When I look at the picture you've chosen to use, it contains three lovely young ladies.  This is good, but if you'd just widen the shot a little you could get the timeshare booth behind them into the picture.  Now I know that some people consider the timeshare people a nuisance, but that's only if they're talking to you.  When they're talking to other people, it's funny, and when they're talking to drunk people, it's hilarious.  I was fortunate enough to be around when a timeshare salesman captured the attention of a really drunk lady and her husband, and even though I was already running late to meet my wife, I couldn't tear myself away.  The poor timeshare person kept trying to offer an incentive to the couple to come to a presentation, but the husband kept insisting that the offer needed to be higher, while his wife kept insisting that it should be less.  This went back and forth for a little while and ended when the timeshare person declined the opportunity to participate in a conversation about the purity of the husbands family tree.  Things like this don't happen in the room where they keep the sober people.

Seriously though, the important part of a visit is the customer service, and yours was exemplary.  Between the great service, your low room rates, and your perfect location right in the middle of the strip, you may be one of the best values in the city.  We have fond memories of the weekend and we hope to return real soon.  Besides I really want to find out if that couple ever bought the timeshare.  


  1. Ok, I have soooo much to say about this post omg haha. But I have to focus on one thing: I am SOOOO jealous you saw Faith Hill and Tim McGraw!!!

  2. Oooooh, no wifi signal when it was advertised? Everything else sounds fine, but that right there is DISASTER!

  3. Abby - I can imagine with all the experience you've had with the Vegas hotels (Wait...that sounds kind of trashy doesn't it? You know what I mean...)that you have many more things I could add to the list. And yes, Tim and Faith were fantastic.

    Christy - I've changed hotels before when the wi-fi wasn't working, but the free tickets to the concert outweighed the need for the internet to be wireless. Now if there'd been no internet at all....that might have been tough.