Wednesday 17 August 2011

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I Want To See More...

I kind of laugh when people say we travel a lot. We do, but there's a big difference between getting on a plane once a month and actually traveling. I've been spending time reading about other people's adventures in the world, and I'm starting to feel a little envious.

I want to broaden our horizons.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not lamenting the time we've spent on the road, but we've been sticking to the same destinations over and over again. While we've been adding cities to our rotation, it's still been very basic, North American touristy destinations.

I want to go further.

I'm not talking too far off the beaten track here. Heck I'm still talking about a paved road with luxury hotels and outlet shopping malls. There will be no need to cross deserts on camels or swim crocodile infested rivers to get where I'm going. I leave that to all the travelers with the word "nomad" in their name, and I will eagerly read all of your adventures from my recliner.

I just want to step outside of my comfort zone a little.

I have two comfort zones though. There's a very big one when it's just Lori and I traveling. As long as there's no camping involved, we can probably deal with most things. My comfort level when my kids are along, is much smaller. I'm infinitely more protective when I'm in Daddy mode, but I think I'm probably ready to stretch that zone a little too. It most likely won't kill them if they have to go without Pizza Hut for a couple of weeks.

I usually tell people that if you're trying to figure out how to afford a trip, you're over thinking it. Unless you win the lottery, there will never be a time when you're perfectly set up financially for traveling. Don't wait until you can afford it, don't wait until the kids are older, and please, please, please, don't wait until you're retired.

It's good advice. You'd think the man who gives it would listen to it.

I've dodged international travel with my kids for a while now. It's cheaper and easier to keep going to Disneyland or Las Vegas than it is to cross oceans. Eventually, like most things, it comes down to simple math. Are three weekends in Disneyland > one week in Spain?

When I'm being lazy, the answer is yes. I suspect that truthfully, the answer at this point in our life, is no.