Wednesday 1 June 2011

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Friends of MKTS - Wandering Off

Blog Address:
Facebook: Wandering Off
Twitter: @Wandering_Off

WHO ARE THEY? - When I first started reading about them, they were a military family from San Antonio. Now they're based in Las Vegas, and I can't help but picture them riding horses down the center of the Strip. I may have a slightly stereotypical view of people from Texas. Oh...and they're Cubs fans. Is that a deal-breaker for anyone?

WHAT DO THEY WRITE ABOUT? - They have one daughter, who is still pretty young, so Sarah writes a lot about family friendly outings. There's a ton of information about things to do in the San Antonio area, and her Las Vegas section is starting to beef up now, but her latest fascination seems to be these things called National Parks, which I always assumed had something to do with baseball until I started reading Sarah's posts. See how helpful she is?

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THEM - Let's face it...If you need to know about inappropriate places to take your kids in Las Vegas, I've got you covered. On the other hand, if you want to try out this whole "responsible parenting" thing, then Sarah has plenty of great ideas about how to entertain your kids that don't involve gambling, drinking, or collecting cards on the Strip. To each their own I guess.

WHERE YOU SHOULD START - If you want to know what to do with kids in Las Vegas, then I suggest you start with Kid-Friendly Activities in Las Vegas. If you're heading to San Antonio, try 15 Kid-Friendly Activities in San Antonio. Or if you just like making fun of Cubs fans (and who doesn't), then start with Eamus Catuli in Chicago.

MY FAVORITE POST - I'm going to say My Favorite Vegas Restaurants, simply because it convinced me to give Steak 'n Shake another chance, thus throwing my whole understanding of the world of burgers into disarray. Thanks a lot for that Sarah!