Wednesday 1 June 2011

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Friends of MKTS - R We There Yet Mom?

Blog Address:
Facebook: R We There Yet Mom
Twitter: @RWeThereYetMom

WHO ARE THEY? - They're kind of like a Texas version of us. Cute couple, married 17 years, 3 kids....If they could learn to say "Eh?" instead of "Y'all!" then we could probably trade lives and nobody would notice. At least until somebody asked them to play hockey or us to go camping. After that I'm pretty sure our cover would be blown.

WHAT DO THEY WRITE ABOUT? - Their family has traveled all over the U.S., but a lot of their recent adventures have been based in Texas. Which is pretty cool as there seems to be an infinite amount of things to do in the Lone Star State. Things like college football games, frenzied bat flights, and this giant Enchanted Rock that they seem to like climbing over and over again.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THEM - Are you curious about Texas?Are you thinking of going to Texas? Do you see yourself as a cowboy who's just missing a cowboy hat, a horse, and a six shooter by your side? (Yes, I'm quoting Bon Jovi lyrics. Let it go.) This is the only real resource you'll need for family friendly places to go in Texas. Although if you're bringing your family, you should probably leave the six shooter at home. 

WHERE YOU SHOULD START - If you have a favorite town in Texas, go to the home page and start there. If not, I suggest you get to know Enchanted Rock and learn all about what a batholith is. Should you already know what one is, then go ahead and learn what Geocaching is all about. Once you've learned about both those things, come back here and explain them to me because they both seem like really strange concepts in my mind. 

MY FAVORITE POST - My personal favorite is 5 Great Dates in Austin, Texas, simply because I'm infatuated with a woman whose idea of a great date is to be taken to a giant pile of garbage. Of course she also thinks it's a great date to climb a giant pink batholith, but if you still haven't figured out what a batholith is, I wouldn't attempt that move. There's so many ways it could go wrong for you.