Wednesday 1 June 2011

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Friends of MKTS - Gone With The Family

Blog Address:
Facebook: Gone With The Family
Twitter: @GoneWithFamily

WHO ARE THEY? - A family of four from Ontario, dealing with a lot of the same issues that we do. If I've got a question about traveling with kids, there's nobody I'd rather ask than Lisa. There's no chance of the two of us actually figuring anything out, but we'll have a lot of fun talking about it.

WHAT DO THEY WRITE ABOUT? - Their travels as a family mainly. I've followed them through Europe, Orlando, New York, Chicago, all of Eastern Canada, and even a quick run up to Alaska. If you're in to cruising, they've done a lot of that too. There's also a lot of talk about ice cream, but I really don't have an explanation for that.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THEM - You're going to get something from Lisa that you just won't get from me...planning. Lisa does a ton of research for their trips, and as a result they quite often find places that I'd never know about. There's also the fact that we've agreed our kids should get married, so if you follow both of us you have twice as good a chance of being invited to the wedding.

WHERE YOU SHOULD START - How about the Mediterranean? Gone with the Family took a cruise on the Celebrity Equinox last summer, and reading about it landed at least another three countries on my "must visit" list. Of course, if things beyond your budget are more depressing than inspiring to you, then I'd start over at Cows Ice Cream (Told you there was a lot of ice cream).

MY FAVORITE POST - I've wanted to go to Alaska for a little while now, so my favorite post on the Gone with the Family site is about their visit to Alaska on the Diamond Princess. Of course, what you'll really discover when you read that post is that Lisa fully understands the #1 rule of blogging...Puppies make everything better.