Wednesday 1 June 2011

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Friends of MKTS - Traveling with Sweeney

Blog Address:
Twitter: @TravelingWithS

WHO ARE THEY? - Cathy and her husband live in San Francisco. At least I think they do. To be honest, they're almost never there. She's that friend who when you want to talk to her you first have to figure out what time zone she's in, then do the math to figure out when you'll be getting a response. I can do the math if she's in North America. If she's off the continent, I just wait to talk to her later.

WHAT DO THEY WRITE ABOUT? - Cathy writes about whatever catches her eye while she's off trotting around the world. Better yet, she takes pictures of her finds. Amazing pictures! The kind of pictures that I wish I could take. The kind of pictures that I might claim to take if she didn't put these "Traveling with Sweeney" watermarks all over them.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THEM - Cathy has the kind of adventures that I'm not likely to have for a very long time. While I'm dropping my kids off at school, she's catching a last minute flight to Spain. While I'm waiting for my daughter at ballet practice, Cathy is shopping at Christmas markets in Germany. I like to think that when I'm actually traveling, Cathy is stuck at home doing housework, but somehow I know that's just not true.

WHERE YOU SHOULD START - Well, if you want to see what you're getting into, I recommend reading about Cathy's Three Favorite Travel Memories. If that's too sentimental for you, she's in Spain right now. Why don't you go through her Snapshots from Madrid and see if you can explain the giant baby head to me. 

MY FAVORITE POST - I'm a little torn, so I'm going to cheat and choose two. One was her piece on AT&T Park in San Francisco. Cathy's pictures reminded me that I really need to get to a Giants game sooner rather than later, preferably with the same great view she had from her seats. On the other hand, I'm also partial to her story about her first ever visit to Paris, where she managed to miss the experience of her inaugural boat ride through town by Falling Asleep on the Seine