Wednesday 5 March 2014

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Trip Advisor's Strangest Complaints Part 3

I get to write a lot of fun things while doing this blog. Telling stories about traveling with my kids, exploring new and different places, or even relating personal stories such as how Lori and I met, is a great way to spend my days. Without a doubt though, the most fun I have while writing is doing the research for my Trip Advisor's Strangest Complaints series. The bizarre things that people feel the need to complain about never fail to put a huge smile on my face, even if it does come at the cost of a little bit of my faith in mankind. One day people will stop complaining about silly things, but until that day, it's good to know that I'll always have plenty of material to keep me entertained.

If you haven't read the first two instalments of this series, you might want to start here:

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And now here's the latest collection of...

Trip Advisor's Strangest Complaints - Part 3

"I wanted a nice view so I requested a high floor, but they put me on the 55th floor! That's too high. Also, the window didn't open. What if there had been a fire?"
- So your plan in case of a fire was to go out the 55th floor window? I always wondered where Superman stayed when he was in New York.

"I thought that housekeeping had stolen my wallet, but when I complained to the front desk they didn't seem too interested. It gave me a real negative feel towards the hotel, even though I later found my wallet in my wife's suitcase."
- This seems a little fishy to me. Every married man I know would assume that his wife had taken his wallet long before considering housekeeping as a suspect.

"The manager said that he gave me an upgrade, but I didn't feel any more special in my new room."
-That's really what the upgrade is about isn't it? Feeling more special? Maybe the manager should have sent flowers and chocolates.

"I wished for the bed to be bigger so it could be fitting all four of us"
- I really, really hope this guy was traveling with kids.

Yeah...something like that.......
"When we got downstairs for breakfast all the food was gone. This ruined our entire vacation!"
- This person takes the saying "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" far to literally.

"The hotel is across the street from a fire hall but they look nothing like the firemen from the calendars."
- Apparently my wife now writes Trip Advisor reviews.

Lori's dream vehicle. A truck full of firemen with Batman strapped to the front!

"Although it was a nice hotel, I didn't really feel like I got my 140 cents worth."
- Did you use any toilet paper? Because that should be enough to break even on a rate like that.

"While sitting in the bar the manager threatened us with erection if we didn't quiet down."
- It's probably best that I don't touch this one...

"Housekeeping only took 8 of the cases of empties from the corner of the room."
- Only took 8? How were you even conscious enough to write this?

Finally, this guy may have a valid complaint, but I would have loved to see the hotel manager's face when he read this one:

"The hotel's walls were paper thin. We could hear everything from the amorous activities of the couple next door to the animals outside. At least, I hope the animals were outside."

Written by Steve Pratt