Monday 1 April 2013

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More of Trip Advisor's Strangest Complaints

There can't be more can there? About six months ago I wrote an article called Trip Advisor's Strangest Complaints. It was about some of the stranger things that people felt the need to include in their reviews of hotels, and after somebody complained that the Disneyland fireworks started before they were ready, I thought I'd found the pinnacle of strange things for people to complain about. 

I was wrong. 

Welcome to Trip Advisor's Strangest Complaints: Part 2.

"The shuttle to town ran every 1/2 hour, but we wanted to go every 15 minutes"
- Look, if you want to get in and out of town every 15 minutes, you don't need a shuttle...You need a getaway vehicle.

"My kids emptied the mini-bar to play hide and seek and we got charged for everything, even though we put it all back!"
- Who plays hide and seek in a hotel room? Although I will confess that if I was playing, I'd probably never check the mini-bar.

Rio Players Suite Las Vegas Casino
I wouldn't have found you if you hid in the mini-bar!

"Our window faced East in the morning and West at night so we were constantly being kept awake by the sun."
- Well now I want to stay in a rotating hotel room too. Think the Space Needle will let me spend the night in their restaurant? 

"The breakfast buffet didn't have any bacon. Seriously, what kind of buffet doesn't have any bacon?"
- I'm pretty sure this is where the hashtag #firstworldproblems actually started.

Disneyland Hyatt hotel Anaheim breakfast
No bacon? Let's burn the place down!

"The shower was so dirty that I couldn't bring myself to use it, and by the third day the room had a funny smell to it."
- ...and two plus two equals....

"The front desk was very rude and handsome. My concern was with their attitude and not their appearance."
- I always said good looking people can get away with anything. Here's your proof.

"The hotel had a bad location. It is next to a road."
 - Apparently this person arrives at hotels via horseback. I wonder what the valet charge is for that?

Okanagan Mandy and Me trail ride
Where do I park this thing?
"I asked for directions to a drinking fountain but was told that they only had complimentary bottled water available."
- A drinking fountain? I haven't seen one of those since 6th grade. If they'd had complimentary water back then, I might have done better in Science class.

"The room service breakfast was good, but they charged $2500 for coffee!"
- I'm assuming that there's supposed to be a decimal in there somewhere, but then again, this was a Four Seasons...

And my new favorite complaint, complete with response from the hotel manager....

"The pool was closed while we were there. I would have liked to know that ahead of time."

Mgr Response: "Thank you for your comments. I reviewed the dates of your stay with us and the reason for our pool closure was that the hotel was under a hurricane warning during your visit. I apologize that we weren't able to offer advance warning of this inconvenience."

Written by Steve Pratt