Thursday 28 February 2013

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Still Settling on Spring

I'm not really a "season" person. Summer is too hot, Winter is too cold, and I still have a personal grudge against Fall for making me go back to school all those years. Spring however, is the one season that I'm still withholding judgement on. I'm not willing to declare it my favorite season, but I'm still listing out the pros and cons of what it has to offer.

Pros: The weather is great for road trips...

Hwy 97 Peachland Summerland

Cons: Not all of us are licensed to drive on the road

tractor kids racing

Pros: Tickleberry's opens for the season!

ice cream Okanagan Falls huge cone

Cons: The after effects of eating a seven scoop cone

dumb look

Pros: It's Hayride season!

tractor hay barn

Cons: Somebody has to stack the hay to ride on

hayride farm work

Pros: The farm is teeming with new baby animals...

baby lamb newborn sheep

Cons: Which my daughters keep trying to smuggle home with them.

farm cat

Pros: It's warming up and the sun is out more and more...

empty beach lake

Cons: Unless of course, you live in Kelowna...

Coquihalla summit deep snow

Written by Steve Pratt