Thursday 14 February 2013

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5 Places I'd Love to Re-Propose

People credit me with creativity in a lot of areas in my life. My writing, my kids names, my financial management...I've been accused of following a fantasy based path in all of those areas and more. In fact just the other day my boss called my excuse for being late to work "One of the most creative things he's ever heard". 

Sadly though, the one area of my life I get no points for creativity in is my marriage proposal to my wife. I fully confess that at the time I didn't understand the importance of this moment in a relationship, and although I vaguely remember sweating through a couple of sleepless nights before popping the question, the truth is that I probably put more creative effort into meeting my wife than actually asking her to marry me. If there is anything in my romance with my wife that I'd like a do-over on, that would be it.

Disney Cruise porthole picture

What would I do differently though? Well I can't give away all my secrets here (I might just propose again at some point. I'm just waiting until I'm sure she'll say yes), but one of the things I've been considering is location. We've done lots of traveling over the course of our marriage, and I've seen some places that I think would make a great place to pop the question. Here's the top five places that are under consideration for any re-proposing needs I might have in the future.

#5 - Cabo San Lucas

I haven't totally figured this one out yet, but I know that I'm going to need a boat. I'm not sure if it would be best to be on the boat going through the arch, on a deserted little piece of beach next to the arch, or on the balcony of a cruise ship looking at the arch. All three seem like winning ideas to me, but I'm pretty sure I'll need a sunset too. Girls love that sunset stuff. I don't get it, but then again I'm not the one who has to say yes am I?

Mexico Disney Cruise view

#4 - New York

Lori has this thing for carriage rides in Central Park. Again, I don't get it, but this isn't about me. The carriage ride just seems so cliche though. I think I'd have to spice it up a bit. Maybe hijack the carriage, then after a high speed carriage chase through the park we could leap to safety, only to find that the bad guys have taken my daughters hostage and....hmmm...I probably shouldn't plan marriage proposals while the new Die Hard trailer is playing on TV.

New York horse buggy

#3 - San Francisco

This one I know exactly how to do. What I'll need is a cable car completely to ourselves. Well, maybe not entirely to ourselves. I need somebody to work that brake thing, otherwise while I'm down on one knee we'll be picking up speed and hurtling towards Fisherman's Wharf. Having to rush a proposal because you're about to slam into a dock filled with sea lions probably isn't the most romantic thing ever. On the other hand, the less time Lori has to think about things, the more likely she is to say yes!

San Francisco

#2 - Hawaii

Again, not completely figured out yet, but I know it would have to involve a surfboard. Ideally Lori would find herself in danger of drowning out in the ocean and then I'd surf out and rescue her. Yes, I realize you don't surf out from shore, but like I said I haven't figured out all the details on this one just yet. I'll work on that right after I figure out how to get Lori drowning in the middle of the ocean.

Hilton Hawaiian village Hawaii

#1 - Disneyland

Yeah, it's not for everybody, but there's probably not a more perfect place if you want to ask Lori to marry you. Seriously. I'm not even sure that who's doing the asking would factor into it. Once you get her in front of that Disney castle Lori shifts into fairy tale mode and in her mind I'm pretty sure that anybody getting down on one knee would be considered Prince Charming. This is why I don't leave Lori unattended in Disneyland for very long. I once found her knocking on the door to the castle trying to explain to the staff that she just needed to pop back up to her room for a second. I wonder what she forgot?

Disney Aurora castle main street california
Wait...If I'm proposing, where did that kid come from? 
Written by Steve Pratt