Sunday 10 February 2013

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Friends of MKTS - Monkeys and Mountains

Blog Address:
Facebook: Monkeys and Mountains
Twitter: @Laurel_Robbins
Pinterest: Laurel Robbins
Google+: Laurel Robbins

WHO ARE THEY? - Laurel is my designated crazy friend who I look to when I feel like my life is getting a little wilder than I'd like. She's from Alberta, but after going to school out here in B.C. she moved to Munich and married her husband who she met while shark diving in Costa Rica. In contrast, I met Lori at the church down the street from my house, although I do occasionally try and tell people we met while shark diving. Nobody has believed me yet.

WHAT DO THEY WRITE ABOUT? - Laurel says that she writes about Adventure Travel, but do you really know what that is? Let me try and explain it to you. It's all those bizarre ideas that go through your head when you're really, really tired. Things like "Hey, I hear hippos are really dangerous. Let's go see if we can find some!" or "I wonder how fast I can go on this snowmobile and still make corners?" That's what adventure travel is. It's kind of like holidays for crazy people.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THEM - Why? Because I don't have a death wish. I'm not going shark diving without a cage, and I'm certainly not going kayaking with crocodiles in Australia.  I've got you covered up to the adrenaline thrill level of the waterslide in the hotel pool. After that, you'll have to turn to Laurel. 

WHERE YOU SHOULD START - Monkeys and Mountains has one of the very best year end recap posts I've ever read, mainly because it has no filler. Every one of the twelve highlights seems like a really thrilling adventure, and there's even a couple of them in there that I'd consider trying. No, not the paragliding in the Alps. I'm still not that crazy.

MY FAVORITE POST - When it comes to adventure travel, there's two different levels. There's the "I'll never do that" level, and then you have the "I'll NEVER do that" level. From the latter category, go read about Laurel's first visit to a German sauna. On the other hand if you want to read about something that everyone has been through, try "6 Things I Learned from Being Deported". What? You've never been deported from a third world country? Yeah, me neither. I was "deported" from a Vancouver night club one night after hitting on the bouncer's girlfriend. Does that count?

Written by Steve Pratt