Monday 11 March 2013

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What Happened to More Kids Than Suitcases?

Were you worried about us? Have you been visiting the More Kids Than Suitcases site daily for the last week and wondering just what kind of super-tragedy could be keeping us from sharing further stories of strangeness? Have you begun to organize search parties to scour all the ice cream parlors and Starbucks locations west of Ontario? 

You haven't? I suppose I should be insulted, but truth be told, Lori only noticed that there had been a gap in posts yesterday. It's been one of those insanely busy times in our life, and while I'd love to tell you that I took a week off intentionally for some incredibly exciting, exotic vacation in a locale that had never even heard of the internet, the fact is that life just got the best of me last week. Usually I'm more than happy to put off a couple of things in order to get a story've all taken their turn waiting patiently while I scrambled to finish off a post for my site. Last week however, was their turn and you, dear readers, did a marvelous job of sharing me with my real life commitments. I almost didn't notice your desperation for me to post something new at all. It must have been hard for you to keep that bottled up, and I really do appreciate all the restraint you showed (although next time, maybe show just a little less).

So what happened to leave me without 15 minutes to pursue my Pulitzer Prize ambitions? Well there was this...

KCS high school play

The boy's performance in The Music Man ate up a large quantity of the week. I never realized just how much rehearsal it takes to put on a two hour play, but there was a pretty serious string of sixteen hour days leading up to the actual shows. Actually the practicing might have been hindered by my attempts to be the fifth member of the quartet during rehearsal, but by the time showtime rolled around and I was seated firmly in the audience, the stage was left to those with actual singing talent and I was blown away by how good a high school production could actually be.

Then there was this little distraction...

hot wife birthday card

Fortunately, Lori's birthday fell on opening night of the boy's play, so the job of figuring out what to do to celebrate was taken away from me (which is a good thing...believe me). Still, acknowledgement was required, even though this wasn't one of the major birthdays. Next year is a round number birthday for Lori which will need to be celebrated in a major way, and I'm hoping that, with all of our kids over the age of 12, she won't be celebrating her 25th birthday again. With any luck we'll be moving on to celebrating 30, 35, or even 40. I'll let you know which one it is as the date gets closer.

Finally, even though most of you just assume that I'm a retired billionaire, I actually have a real job that just happened to go a little crazy last week. The world of male modeling can be a very hard path to follow at times, and if you don't give it your full attention when needed, you'll find yourself being passed over for younger talent who are just looking for a chance to swoop in and steal your glory. I'm not ready to abdicate the throne just yet, so when those opportunities for yoga pose calendars come along, I have to jump on them.

Park Hyatt Aviara courtyard statues

That's all behind me now though, and with everything else taken care of, I'll be turning my attention back here. Thanks for bearing with me while I got myself caught up. I'll try not to let it happen again, but let's face it...sooner or later Hollywood is going to come calling and I might have to take as long as two weeks off to film the inevitable blockbuster picture about my life. There might even be some minor parts in the film for those of you who leave comments on my posts. No promises...but let's just say that if you want a chance to meet Channing Tatum or Scarlet Johansson (I assume that's who they'll cast to play Lori and myself) then it could just tip the odds in your favor.

Written by Steve Pratt