Friday 7 December 2012

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The Resolutions Revisited

It's December 7th. That means that there's only 24 days left this year, which also means that there are 342 days of this year behind us. That's how much time I've had to work on my New Years resolutions for 2012. It's strange but when you have 342 days ahead of you, it seems like enough time to accomplish almost anything. When the 342 days are behind you though, it seems like you barely had time to scratch the surface of everything you intended to do. Don't let the clock manufacturers fool you...time definitely has two different speeds depending on which way you're looking.

So how did I do with my New Years resolutions? Well you can probably guess from the fact that I'm adopting the whole "Where did the time go?" mantra that I didn't do too well. None of my goals were accomplished in their entirety, but I made some progress towards each of them. Here comes the look back at what I did right, what I did wrong, and what in the world was I thinking.

By the way, if you want to read what the resolutions were before continuing, the original post is here.

Writing Every Day

This was a combination resolution, as not only did I resolve to write every day, but I promised to dedicate one day a week to writing about Kelowna. So far this year I've posted 221 times, meaning that I've taken 121 days off. Really? Almost four months worth of days that I didn't post? It sure didn't feel like it. Realistically, considering the first missed day of writing for me happened on January 5th, the seven days a week thing was probably a little over-optimistic. As for my Kelowna vow, using a very liberal criteria for counting towards being on topic (Kelowna and Kamloops both start with K. That's close right?) I counted 27 posts with a hometown bias to them. To be honest, while not up to my intended level, I'm OK with that level of production. Over 50% is a pass right?

The Ogopogo - A true Kelowna icon

Lose Weight

Strangely enough, the resolution that I dreaded the most was probably the one I did the best on. The plan was to drop 25 pounds, and as of this morning I am....18 pounds lighter. Not a complete success, but certainly nothing I'm upset about. I will confess though that this resolution is part of the impetus behind reviewing my resolutions this far in advance. I get the feeling that after the next 3 1/2 weeks of holiday parties, this number might slide a little in the wrong direction.

Don't be the "Oh I didn't see those there" guy

My original plan was to ask my wife how I was doing with this goal, but I really don't need to. I don't know why, but there just seems to be something in the male DNA that doesn't let us see work that needs to be done. I still step around things at the top of the stairs that need to be taken down, and laundry....well let's just say that Lori has decided to resort to slightly more assertive tactics...

Achieve MVP Gold Status on Alaska Airlines

Wait...did I say that I made progress towards all my goals? That wouldn't be quite true as this goal got thrown out the window almost immediately. As much as I love Alaska, it became obvious pretty early on that they weren't going to get involved in the aggressive pricing battles that were going on this year with the major carriers, so while I'll normally choose Alaska if everything else is equal, I'm not willing to pay double the price to do so. Hopefully next year will bring some better opportunities to fly Alaska, but with more of the major carriers starting to fly out of Kelowna, I'm not holding my breath.

Win the Lottery

Like I'd be wasting my time writing this if I was a multi-millionaire. To nobody's surprise I'm sure, this makes 24 straight years that I've failed to accomplish this goal, meaning that when it goes back on the list next year (an it is going back on), it will be the Silver Anniversary of me making this resolution. That kind of dedication should probably be rewarded...with a lottery win maybe? 

Written by Steve Pratt