Saturday 22 December 2012

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The 10th Day of Christmas - Travel Version

It's just occurred to me that as I write about these lavish gifts being given, that I might be setting Lori up for a little disappointment. Spending twelve days recapping another mans massive romantic gestures then having your wife unwrap a pair of gloves on Christmas morning might just be a bit of a letdown. Of course if she thinks I'm going to take my inspiration from the 10 Lords-a-Leaping, she's sadly mistaken. Why would anybody want ten dudes jumping around their house, even if they are Lords? This has to be confusing to the birds as heads keep popping up in the middle of their flight paths, and then there's the fact that it takes a really special man to be able to pull off style, poise, and grace while leaping around the place.

Sky Mania Las Vegas jumping Skymania trampoline
Obviously NOT a really special man

Do I need to tell you that Lords-a-Leaping is not a perfect gift for me? No, I prefer to get my ups and downs on roller coasters, and 2013 is going to mark the debut of one I've been waiting a while for. Full Throttle is opening at Six Flags Magic Mountain this year featuring the world's tallest loop, and I'm planning on riding it as soon as possible. Assuming of course my wife will let me. It might be a tough sell once she opens those gloves I got her for Christmas. 

Quickly then, before Lori finds out what she's getting...

On the tenth day of Christmas, what you should get for me...

Ten Coasters Coasting,
Nine nights in New York,
Eight Cokes for Drinking,
Seven Spots for Surfing,
Six Beaches for Playing,
Five Olympic Rings....
Four Star Wars Angry Birds,
Three Healthy Children,
Two nights at Turtle Bay, and a
Hotel room in a pine tree.

Written by Steve Pratt