Thursday 15 November 2012

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Waiting for the Four Points Kelowna

As much as I love living in Kelowna, one of the things that drives me a little nuts is the absence of any of my favorite hotel chains up here. We don't have a Hyatt...we don't have a Hilton...we certainly don't have a's kind of a veritable wasteland of promotional opportunities when it comes to hotel chains. Fortunately, we're making our first breakthrough soon with the arrival of the new Four Points Kelowna.

Four Points Kelowna Sign

I know. As much as we enjoyed our stay at the Four Points in Kamloops, this doesn't seem like the kind of place that I'd normally get excited about. I'm much more about the Plaza in New York than I am a budget hotel chain, but as I've been watching the frame of the Four Points go up out by the airport, I've found myself anxiously looking forward to opening day.

Four Points Kelowna construction
October 2012 - I think that guy up on the top left floor is working on my room!
It's definitely a business based hotel, and probably won't have the amazing views that some of the other hotels have in Kelowna - although I do love watching planes come and go from the airport. I'm just excited that Kelowna is finally getting a Starwood hotel. There will be some work to do justifying to Lori why we should be sleeping at a hotel so close to home, but to me it's a small sign that my city is creeping into the big time when it comes to the hotel world. The big time just needs to get here a little quicker.

Four Points Kelowna plan

Written by Steve Pratt