Saturday 17 November 2012

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Friends of MKTS - Hike Bike Travel

Blog Address:
Facebook: HikeBikeTravel
Twitter: @HikeBikeTravel

WHO ARE THEY? - Leigh is pretty much the exact opposite of me. She's a wife and a Mom (That's strike one and two), an amazing photographer (strike three), and an incredibly active outdoors enthusiast (strike 4 through 1000). Also, for somebody who actually owns a home, she's there less than anybody I know. I really need to install a GPS chip on her to keep track of where she is, except half the places she ends up probably don't have a GPS signal available.

WHAT DO THEY WRITE ABOUT? - I don't really need to explain the "hike" and "bike" part to you do I? Leigh does a lot more than that though. She's in her kayak almost as much as I'm in my car, she takes more pictures than most of the paparazzi, and you know that place on the map that's completely inaccessible by road? Leigh takes helicopters to get there just in case there's something amazing there that the rest of us have missed...and there usually is.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THEM - You certainly won't be getting a picture of the view from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro on my blog any time soon (unless I steal it from Leigh's site), and it really is something to see. In fact, Leigh's been so many cool places and taken so many amazing pictures that unless she sits down right now and spends the next 10 or 15 years loading them onto her website, you're never going to see them all. Don't wait until she does though, because you just don't need that kind of backlog in your life. 

WHERE YOU SHOULD START - There's kind of two distinct paths you can take when diving into Leigh's blog. If you're an active outdoors person, try starting with Conquering Fears, Conquering Canyons, where Leigh attempts to relive the movie 127 hours, except for the whole arm pinned by a boulder thing. If you're more into the photography side of things, dive into What Cold Looks Like in Calgary which, unless you're from Saskatchewan, gives you the added benefit of feeling like you live in a tropical climate by comparison.

MY FAVORITE POST - You know those roads you come across occasionally that you just look at and say "Are you crazy? I'm not driving down there!"? Well Leigh drives down there. Actually, her husband drives down there while Leigh takes pictures, which might come in handy if we ever need to figure out exactly how far they made it before plummeting to their doom. Check out Surviving Eleven Kilometers of Terror on Highway 20, and never complain about that narrow shoulder on your local highway again.

Written by Steve Pratt