Friday 9 March 2012

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I'm More of an Idea Guy

I'm loaded with good ideas. Some of them are under-appreciated by the world like when I suggested to my boss that he should stick to work clothes because he really couldn't pull off the suit look, but that doesn't make them less great. In fact, some of my ideas are so great that they have entire sub-categories of other great ideas contained within them. For instance, my incredibly brilliant idea to spend 24 hours in Disneyland for Leap Day can be broken down into many smaller, genius concepts, such as the one that went "Hey, let's take a picture of ourselves every hour, no matter where we are!"

Hour 1 - Early start. I'm not sure the boy has realized that he's not at school yet. I considered telling him, but then decided to just wake him up by riding Space Mountain. All schools should have an option like this.

Hour 2 - Technically I'm shopping for some earrings in this store that my wife asked me to pick up for our daughter, but somehow holding up a pair of dangling Mickey hoops didn't seem very manly, hence the shirt.

Hour 3 - It dawns on me that I'm going to need to indicate which shot is which on the camera, so I take the ultra-creative route of holding up three fingers. It doesn't occur to me that over the course of a 24 hour day, this system could become problematic.

Hour 4 - Do you see how seriously I'm taking this challenge? Notice that on MY breakfast plate, there's fruit! That's health food! I tell you I was pulling out all the stops to make sure I survived this day! (Note that the boy almost looks awake. I imagine this is because on a normal day, it would be lunch time at school.)

Hour 5 - Remember when I said great ideas aren't always recognized by others? Check out the "What's wrong with these guys?" look that the girl in the bottom right is giving us.

Hour 6 - I know what you're thinking...I'd better stop taking my son out of math class, but he really is holding up a thumb along with those five fingers. He honestly can count to six. I won't tell you how many shots it took to get it right though.

Hour 7 - Apparently hour 7 was the peak of our creativity.

Hour 8 - Technically this picture was taken at about the 8 hour and 5 minute mark, as we were in the bathroom when the hourly alarm went off and whipping out the camera didn't seem like a great idea. It also didn't seem like the ideal moment to tell my son to hold up 8 fingers either.

Hour 9 - I look like I'm about to do a "These are not the droids you're looking for.." kind of move.

Hour 10 - Ten hours in and the boy looks more awake than ever. It's probably hereditary. I'm sure I look every bit as awake as he does...

Hour 11 - See? Bright eyed and bushy-tailed!

Hour 12 - We've realized that we don't have enough fingers to pull this off. We've resorted to finding random numbers on posters in the park.

Hour 13 - and now we've given up completely. I don't know which is lame attempt at writing "Hour 13" on the pad of paper or my son's inability to zoom a picture in enough that you can read the paper. If he wasn't going to let you read the paper, he could have at least zoomed out enough that you can actually tell what ride we're on. Of course it's possible that the boy didn't want to document that I was making him ride the Little Mermaid...again.

All great ideas run their course eventually though, and hour 13 was the last shot we took. At the 14 hour mark, we were caught in a huge crush of people trying to move from one park to the other, and by hour 15 we'd thrown in the towel. If I was 10 (umm...let's make that 20) years younger, this would be a complete set of 24 pictures, but I'm less a man of action these days and more of an idea guy. A "great idea" guy!

This post is a part of Photo Friday at Delicious Baby and Friday Daydreamin at R We There Yet Mom. If you didn't get here from one of those sites, you should really go check them out. There's people there who can count to 24, even though they don't have enough fingers and toes. I'm not sure how they do that.