Wednesday 8 February 2012

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Entertaining the Non-Rider - The Shopping

I fully admit that I don't understand the appeal of shopping. I am your stereotypical male shopper who puts off going to the store as long as is humanly possible, and then I'm in and out in a matter of seconds. If I found a convenience store in the middle of the Sahara desert, I'd probably still peek through the window to see if there were more than two people in line before I went inside. Shopping just isn't my thing, and I get that.

Lori on the other hand, is a master of the subject, and she could easily spend all day looking through stores. This is a great activity for entertaining any of our kids who aren't interested in being on rides at that moment, albeit probably not the cheapest option. Still, since yesterday I was sneaking $6 ice creams, I can't really complain about the cost of my wife taking the kids shopping. It's just....some of the things she comes back with...Yeah, I definitely don't understand shopping...

I'm guessing this is in case we get invited to a formal rodeo on Mars?

Apparently my daughter will be replacing Cher on tour next year...

Because in my day to day life, I can't count the number of times I've wished I had a super-hero cape...

This must be one of those cutting edge fashion things that I keep reading about. No more Project Runway for my girls.

Memo to Harry Potter people: Buying a wand does not mean you can do magic. It means you overlooked the thousands of sticks on the ground outside and decided to pay $40 for one instead.

It seems that the matching super-hero capes didn't make us stand out enough in the crowd.

I know that souvenirs are important, I just question some of our choices. On the other hand, if it was left up to me, we'd have a bunch of room keys and pictures of rides that we never went on, so it's probably just as well that Lori enjoys spending time in the shops. Besides, it keeps my non-rider entertained (which was the whole point of this series) and since it's Lori's domain, that means I get to spend time on the rides. It's just important to try and not think about what's going on while riding the Death Drop 2000. My Visa bill can be way scarier than any 400 foot straight down drop, no matter how many loops they throw in at the end.