Monday 28 November 2011

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5 Las Vegas Casino Offers We're Mad We Missed

We've taken advantage of a ton of offers from Las Vegas casinos. They've given us cash, pre-paid Visa's, jackets, electronics, and purses. We've been guests of the casinos at concerts by some of the biggest name performers in the world. We've spent over 150 complimentary nights in the hotels of Las Vegas, and we've given even more free nights to friends. The casinos have treated us very well, and we're very thankful that we've had the opportunity to take advantage of so many offers.

Of course, that doesn't mean that we got to do everything we would have liked. Since there's so many casino companies in Las Vegas, we get way more offers than we could ever take advantage of. There's only so many days in a month, and there's always that whole work/school thing that seems to get in the way of travel plans. Yesterday I told you about ten great offers that we were lucky enough to take advantage of. Here's five that we're kicking ourselves for passing on:

Tiffany Gift Card Offer
Seriously, I didn't know. Nobody ever told me about the importance of the "Little Blue Box". With all of the women I know, you'd figure somebody would have tipped me off to this one, but I found out the hard way by leaving this offer lying beside the computer. When Lori asked me why I wasn't quitting my job to fly to Vegas and pick her up this gift card, I began to suspect that there might be something important about this whole "Tiffany" thing. It really hit home about a year later, when I found myself paying out of pocket for something from the store, including a little blue box (which I still don't understand the significance of).

Fight Night Offer
I'm not a particular boxing fan, but fight night in Vegas is one of those iconic moments that just seem like you should experience once in your life. We've been in town on nights when a fight is taking place in Vegas before, but we've never been to the actual fight, and at the price they charge for these things, I doubt we'd ever pay to go. Occasionally however, offers to go to the fight filter down to the low rollers, and from time to time they even get as far down the list as Lori and I. The offer I've pictured here was even more enticing, as it was taking place on the July 4th weekend, and thus included a poolside barbecue with live music and the Hawaiian Tropic girls, who are not an important part of this offer (although I'll bet that one of them would have told me about the importance of the Little Blue Box).

Sports Memorabilia Offer
I'm a huge sports fan, and for a while I used to buy and sell sports memorabilia. I still have a huge collection buried in the back of a closet that in all likelihood my children will have to sort through one day. That being said, there's always something more that I'd love to have. I may not understand the importance of a Little Blue Box, but I know exactly the value of a signed Dan Marino helmet from his rookie year. I'll bet Lori's guy friends have never explained the importance of that to her!

8 Wonders of the World Offer
I don't usually like taking offers that are based around a drawing, giving each person a "chance" to win. I prefer something tangible that I can keep (or more likely, give to my wife) to trying to beat the odds and win a prize. This offer was a little different though. They were giving away one trip to each of the Wonders of the World, but I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that there's only Seven Wonders of the World right? You're right (unless you include the results of strange voting competitions). So Caesars Palace declared itself the Eighth Wonder of the World, which seems fair since it's their promotion. Of course winning a trip to Las Vegas pales a little in comparison with a trip to the Taj Mahal in India, so Caesars offered a cash equivalent option for each trip.....of $80,000! I'd really love to go to the Colosseum in Rome, but you can bet I'd be taking the $80,000 and making my own way there. I'd have loved to be there just to see if anybody didn't take the money.

Cruise Giveaway Offer
Ever think something is too good to be true? That's what I figured with this offer. In all fairness, I'd never been on a cruise when this offer came out, so I wasn't really sure what I was looking at here. The deal was simple...Come to Vegas for three days and they give you a voucher good for a five day Caribbean cruise for two, valid for up to a year. All you pay is taxes. I'd love to know what part of this didn't seem like a good deal to me at the time, but I have no idea what I was thinking. Maybe I was still trying to process the concept of the Little Blue Box. Yeah, let's blame it on that.