Wednesday 7 September 2011

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Looking at a Wall in Las Vegas

I'm on my way to the StarMegaDo3 (which, if you've forgotten, is the reason my wife thinks I'm crazy) and somehow I've managed to make the trip involve even more flights than it originally did.  The route now goes:

Kelowna - Seattle - Las Vegas - Minneapolis - Chicago - Montreal - Denver - Los Angeles - San Francisco - Vancouver

It saves me $250 to take this route, but it means that I've got to spend a night in Las Vegas on the way there.  Not a major hardship for me, but I thought I would take the opportunity to try out a hotel that I've never stayed at before, so I booked a room at the South Point.

I'm not going to give you a long review of the South Point.  It's your standard locals casino, decent rooms at a good price ($23 tonight), good food options, and decent paytables on the games.  It would be almost perfect except I have the worst luck here.  Fortunately, that doesn't really factor in to things when I'm up in the room.

Nice room, but only wired internet??
Always wanted to try Steak n Shake.  Fries and shake were OK.  Burger was amazing!
Did I say almost perfect?  It's a nice room, but I think I may have pissed somebody off at some point here.  It's not busy here tonight, but I'm on the 3rd floor (of a 25ish story hotel) and when I peeked out my window, here's what I saw.

I'm only spending about nine hours here, so it's not that big a deal to me, but they didn't know that.  This is really the best room available in a 1/2 empty hotel?  Like I said, I must have pissed somebody off.  I'm thinking next time it's back to the Silverton.


  1. Not only does the view stink, but that's a tiny window!

  2. Yeah the view sucked, but the window was average size. I just had a hard time getting the picture right. A bigger view of exhaust vents really doesn't improve things though.

  3. I've stayed at the South Point several times and the experience has always been positive. They seem to segment room rates by floor but even on the 3rd you can usually ask for a room overlooking the pool.

  4. Well I certainly was on the low end of the room rate scale, so that could explain the lovely view. Unfortunately, for only a few dollars more I can move to a strip hotel and have plenty to look at (of course I'd have no video poker to play either, but that's another story).
    I'm glad South Point has been good to you though. I do like the property, just not my view.

  5. Friendly tip for your next visit to Steak n Shake. Get the cheese fries...

  6. had me at "cheese".

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