Monday 2 September 2013

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The Jam Cafe in Victoria - A Poetic Review

We woke in Victoria,
And food was our plan.
We needed great breakfast,
So we went to Jam!

Sign outside the Jam Cafe in Victoria

The place is quite small,
A bit hard to find.
For the easiest way,
Just look for the line.

On the sidewalk you'll stand,
To wait for your spot.
There's no reservations,
And it will get quite hot! 

The line outside the Jam Cafe in Victoria

They bring you some coffee,
While you stand in line,
The rest will use cell phones,
To help pass the time.

The line moves quite quickly,
In fact it's quite snappy.
In no time at all,
You'll be in and be happy!

Table inside Jam Cafe in Victoria, BC

You'll scour the menu,
To help make your plan.
Oh wait, what is this?
They've got Green Eggs and Ham!

Green eggs and ham from Jam Cafe in Victoria

You have to order it, 
You know you must.
You don't know the chef,
But Dr. Seuss you do trust!

The others they choose,
Their options are many.
Your husband selects,
The Pulled Pork Eggs Benny!

Pulled pork eggs bennedict from Jam Cafe in Victoria

The food comes quite quick,
And it all looks fantastic.
Good thing that your pants,
Have a waistband elastic.

Before you dive in,
You look at your daughter.
She ordered whipped cream,
Just like you taught her.

Nutella and Banana Sandwich from Jam Cafe in Victoria

Her sandwich is large,
And filled with Nutella.
She's making a mess,
But you decide not to tell her.

Your breakfast is great,
In fact it's a winner,
But it's just so big,
You won't be hungry for dinner.

Jam Cafe in Victoria Green Eggs and Ham

At the end of the meal,
When it's all cleared away,
Your husband goes up,
To the Counter to pay.

You look at your youngest,
Who ordered no food.
Said she wasn't hungry,
Was not in the mood.

But now she looks happy,
Much to your surprise,
The waitress brought suckers,
A bunch was her prize.

End of meal suckers from Jam Cafe in Victoria

So when in Victoria,
Make it part of your plan.
542 on Herald Street,
Is the address for Jam!

Written by Steve Pratt