Monday 7 January 2013

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Friends of MKTS - Walking On Travels

Blog Address:
Facebook: Walkingon Travels
Twitter: @walkingontravel
Pinterest: Walking On Travels
Google+: Walking On Travels

WHO ARE THEY? - Keryn and her husband live in Seattle with their two young boys. Somehow in addition to raising her children, Keryn finds time to write her own site, contribute to two or three others, and still have at least six or seven trips in the planning stages at all times. She also bears a striking resemblance to a girl named Sherri that I crushed on all through eighth grade until she threatened to move away and change her name if I didn't leave her alone. Hmm... 

WHAT DO THEY WRITE ABOUT? - For total travel junkies, having a family means one of two things. Either you put traveling on the back burner while you raise your kids, or you just keep going and hope that your little ones can keep up. Keryn chose the second option, pausing her travels only long enough to actually give birth to her boys, then hitting the road again almost immediately. Her site is filled with tips to help you accomplish the same thing, although you might want to take more than 72 hours down time if it's your first child. Those 48 hour turns are really only for second children and beyond.

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THEM - In a word, inspiration. If you need somebody to reassure you and tell you that you're not crazy for trying to travel with your kids, then Walking On Travels is the perfect site for you. Some sites try and make it sound like traveling with kids is the easiest thing in the world. Keryn won't sugarcoat it for you like that. She doesn't tell you it's easy...she tells you it's worth it. Spend a little time on Keryn's site and you'll feel like you can pack the kids up and get away from absolutely everything. Even harmless stalkers who really only want to take you to the end-of-year eighth grade dance.

WHERE YOU SHOULD START - Well that really depends on where you are right now. Are you pregnant? Then start on her Pregnant Travels page. Trying to travel with an infant or toddler? Keryn has a great Planning Page full of helpful ideas for you. Way too busy to possibly add another thing to your to-do list? Go to the home page and sign up for her monthly newsletter. That way you can pick and choose from the highlights of her entire month, and read about things that Keryn doesn't write about on her website. Like what happened to her after grade 8.

MY FAVORITE POST - I love stories about unique adventures. Stories that when I read them I think to myself "That's the coolest thing ever!" With that, I send you to read Sherri's Keryn's story about teaching her firstborn to walk...on the Great Wall of China. Truly one of my favorite travel stories ever. 

Written by Steve Pratt