Thursday 2 August 2012

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The Soaring Snowbirds

We were fortunate enough yesterday to have Canada's Snowbirds Demonstration Team do a performance in Kelowna. The Snowbirds are a group of pilots from Canada's Royal Canadian Air Force (yes, we have one) who perform high precision stunts in their planes. Their show consists of steep climbs and dives, near misses, and planes flying within mere inches of each other at high speeds. Kind of like catching a commercial flight into Atlanta at Christmastime.

Snowbirds in sky

Snowbirds climbing with smoke

Snowbirds in Kelowna

The Snowbirds always draw huge crowds to see their performance, and yesterday was no exception. Space was at a premium around the lake, but then again it usually is during the summer months in the Okanagan.

Fortunately, crowds aren't much of a problem when it comes to watching aerial shows. The only issue really is how to deal with all that staring into the sky.

My youngest daughter decided to go with the "flat on your back" method...

...While my older daughter resorted to craning her neck...

As usual though, my son found the most comfortable way to watch the show...

He watched the live stream on his iPhone. *Sigh* At least it wasn't Angry Birds.

This post is a part of Travel Photo Thursday over at Budget Travelers Sandbox. If you didn't get here from there, you should really head on over and check out some of the amazing travel pictures that get posted on Thursdays. I'll bet some of them would even look up if nine fighter jets roared over them at supersonic speeds. At least long enough to take a picture.  

Written by Steve Pratt