Tuesday 14 August 2012

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Disneyland at Night

Despite the fact that it seems I'm always getting up early to go to Disneyland, I think my favorite time to be in the park is after dark. I love spending nighttime at Disneyland (Don't confuse that with spending all night at Disneyland. That didn't go too well.) and you get to see things that you just can't see during the day.

For instance, World of Color - only at night.

Sneaking out for a moonlight canoe ride with your boyfriend - only at night.

Father celebrating daughter's sneaking out by setting off fireworks and dancing with a turtle (???) - only at night.

Castle covered in icicles even though it's still over 80°F out - only at night.

Girl riding Dumbo while demonstrating McKayla's "not impressed" face - definitely only at night.

This post is a part of Wordless Wednesday over at Focused on the Magic. If you didn't get here from there, you should really head on over and check out some of the fantastic people that hang out there on Wednesdays. Most of them will probably react much differently than King Triton when their daughters start trying to sneak out at night. I know when my daughters try it, there will be absolutely no dancing with turtles.

Written by Steve Pratt