Wednesday 23 May 2012

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Running on the Beach

Sometimes there's nothing like a little run on the beach. You get bonus points if the beach happens to be Waikiki Beach, and you get extra bonus points if there isn't anybody else around to get in your way. Ditching your sandals and racing your sister down the beach is definitely a great memory to have, but that memory isn't going to include who won the race...

...because sometimes who wins isn't the most important part of the race. Yesterday I pointed out that the girls could be a little competitive when it came to posing for pictures at Sleeping Beauty's castle, but more often than not these days, they get along just fine. They can start a race, take a break to play in the waves, then get right back to the race without having any fights or arguments at all. After years of sibling rivalry, it's so great to see them treat each other as friends.

Ummm...should I be worried that there's only one of them coming back?

This post is part of Travel Photo Thursday over at Budget Travelers Sandbox. If you didn't get here from there, you should go visit. There's people over there who get along with their brothers and sisters, although I'm not going to tell you what they say about them when you're not around.