Monday 21 May 2012

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Blanking My Bookmarks

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting myself organized. A little while ago I told you about emptying my iPhone after it filled near capacity from all the strange pictures I take. Now I'm turning my attention to the bookmarks on my computer. I really need to learn how to bookmark better. Yesterday I went to look for a file that I'd bookmarked a couple of days ago, and when I opened the file that I'd placed it in, the list of bookmarks covered my entire screen. That's a hint that it's time to organize a little better, so I spent some time last night cleaning out my favorites folder. Most of it was just organizing and adding sub-folders, but a few of the things I'd bookmarked gave me cause to think for a minute or two.

#1) Ten Day forecast for Hattiesburg, Mississippi -
I do have lots of 10 day forecasts bookmarked on my computer, but I didn't even know where Hattiesburg was until I found this and looked it up. I have no idea why I would need to know the long term weather in Mississippi, but if you happen to live anywhere near Hattiesburg, Thursday is looking a little dicey and I'd be sure to bring your umbrella.

Mac King - Still the only man who understands invisibility
#2) How to Become Invisible -
OK, I don't remember bookmarking this page, but I totally would. Actually when I came across this bookmark, I got kind of excited. Here was the secret to invisibility and I'd been smart enough to bookmark the page for future reference! Unfortunately it probably should have been a hint that I found the bookmark under the file marked "Stupid Stuff". Let me assure you that there is no need to spend any time on this site, unless you truly believe that concentrating hard enough can make you invisible. It can't. You still need a cloak of invisibility, and as far as I know, Mac King is still the only man alive who has one.

#3) - 
Sounds like I was looking for clothing for our next Lady Gaga concert doesn't it? I'll confess that when I saw the bookmark, western wear was the first thing that came to my mind. Turns out though that in this case, CHAPS stands for Cow Herd Appraisal Performance Software. Why in the world I'm looking for cow management software is beyond me. The closest I can come to taking a guess is that at one point I was looking for a system to use to keep our Sunday school class a little more orderly. Sounds applicable to me.

#4) The Men of True Blood
OK, I'm pretty sure that I actually know where this bookmark came from. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "Lori, you've got your own file for bookmarks". Nothing like trying to explain to your son why you've got this bookmarked under "important stuff".

#5) - 
Yeah, that's exactly what I thought too. What in the world am I doing visiting this site and in what moment of ridiculously low self-esteem did I decide that I needed to bookmark it? Worse yet, if I didn't bookmark it, does that mean my wife did? These are the kind of paranoid thoughts that shoot through my mind late at night, so you can imagine my relief to find out that is actually a strength and wellness supplement store. Of course when you consider the kind of food we normally eat, it still doesn't really explain why this site is bookmarked, but considering the alternative, I don't think this is something I'm going to delve into too closely.