Saturday 28 April 2012

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Cupcasions - Sorry with Cupcakes

Yesterday wasn't one of my most stellar efforts. It seems that those five baskets of laundry Lori left for me were meant to be folded. I'm not sure how I was supposed to know that (I mean, I guess I could have read the note, but let's not get crazy here), but I've been married long enough to know that ignorance of the laundry is no excuse. To make matters worse, not only did I not fold the laundry, but apparently at some point in the day, I moved the baskets to a new spot, thus eliminating my standard "I didn't see them" excuse. Nope, by the time my wife got home, the only thing I could do was apologize and try to make it up to her, and in our house, that requires a visit to Cupcasions.

You see, every wife has a gift that works as a "Sorry I'm an idiot" offering. For some women it's flowers. Others prefer jewelry. Even more are only happy when the appropriate amount of wine is brought forth. For my wife though, it's Cupcasions, and in specific, their Pina Colada cupcake. If I brought a half dozen of these cupcakes home I'm pretty sure I could get away with just about anything, but since I only forgot to fold the laundry, all I needed to go in search of today, was one.

Now I can get Cupcasions cupcakes in lots of places in Kelowna. They sell them in cafes, gas stations, and I'm pretty sure I even saw them for sale in a Weight Watchers store once (although that might explain why Lori sent me to get my eyes checked last week). If you want the best selection though, you have to go to the main store on the corner of Springfield and Spall. That's where they make the cupcakes, so that's where you'll find the best variety of flavors and, more importantly, sizes.

See there's an art to saying "I'm sorry" with cupcakes. If you overdo it and bring home too many cupcakes, you're going to get in trouble for insinuating that your wife would eat that many cupcakes. (Editors note: If you have to apologize for bringing home too many cupcakes, don't do it with more cupcakes. Lesson learned the hard way.) If you just bring home a single cupcake, it kind of comes across like you didn't put much effort into your apology. This is where "Celebration Size" cupcakes are perfect. These are super-sized cupcakes, and they strike just the right balance of "I really am sorry" and "I know you could never eat more than one cupcake." (Editors note #2: If you actually say those words, do NOT stress the word never. Again...voice of experience here.)

So today I made a stop at Cupcasions to get my wife a Celebration Size cupcake. To my horror they hadn't made any Pina Colada today, but there was a French Vanilla Cappuccino cupcake that probably still expressed the same amount of remorse (anything with coffee is usually a safe bet). For myself (Hey, I was sorry for getting myself in this mess!) a Blueberry Cheesecake cupcake was the calling. As I was waiting for the lady to box up my cupcakes, I was looking around the store and saw pictures of some absolutely beautiful wedding cakes that the store had made. While I was wondering just how badly those guys had screwed up, it occurred to me just how great it would be to start off your married life with a giant "I'm sorry" cake. It should be enough to get you through that first year anyways. After that, Springfield and Spall. You can place a standing order if you want.