Friday 13 April 2012

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American Monuments - Canadian Kids

You know what they don't teach in Canadian history class? American history. I came to Washington, D.C. with almost no knowledge of America's past, but as a Dad it's my job to have answers to my kids questions. In places like the Museum of Natural History, I can let the experts handle things, but I knew that my kids were going to have questions about some of the monuments and places that we were visiting in D.C., so I made sure to do my research and have all the answers ready to go when asked.

I studied way too hard.

Here are five conversations I had with my children while we were touring around Washington. I decided not to identify which child said what as their teachers have been known to read this blog on occasion, and I don't need this kind of stuff reflecting on their report card.

Me: That's the Capitol building. It's where the Government meets.
Child: It looks really old. When was it built?
Me: It says that construction on it started in 1793.
Child: Wow. How old were you then Dad?

Child: Why is the White House so far away from the fence?
Me: It's so people don't try and shoot things over the fence at the building.
Child: Like Angry Birds?

Child: Are you sure that's Abraham Lincoln?
Me: Pretty sure. What makes you think it's not?
Child: He's not wearing his hat.
Me: I don't think he always wore his hat.
Child: Sure he did. Remember the song?
Me: The song?
Child: "With his Stove Top hat and his button nose, and two eyes....
Me: Umm...It's corncob pipe and that's Frosty the Snowman
Child: Oh.

Child: What's that really tall building?
Me: That's the Washington Monument. It's for George Washington, the first president.
Child: Oh. (Looking up) How tall was he?

Child: Why does that building have a Canadian flag?
Me: That's the Canadian Embassy. It's sort of like a little section of D.C. that Canada owns.
Child: Do they have a Tim Hortons?

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