Friday 28 October 2011

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Trying to Stop the Trick Or Treating

We're not really big Halloween people. It was fun when our kids were younger and we got to drag them around to all the people that we knew, and show off how cute they looked in their little costumes, but now that they're older it's not such a big draw for us. Giving out candy isn't really a feature for us either, as we have one of those really long driveways that everybody, except the people who know you personally, skip. Additionally, where we live it's 50/50 that you'll be trick or treating in the snow, and nothing takes away from the effectiveness of a costume like having to wear a ski jacket over it.

It's not like our kids need the candy either. We keep a fairly generous stockpile of candy in the house at all times (there's boxes of it stacked on the treadmill in the end room) and when given free reign, our kids really don't eat very much junk. Still, right up until last year, they all wanted to go out trick or treating.

Last year we were determined to get out of the trick or treating rut, so we told our kids that if we skipped doing the whole Halloween thing, we could take the money that we saved from costumes and candy and we'd get away for the long weekend. This persuaded them, so last year was our first year without any trick or treating. Of course....

It might have been cheaper to just buy a few extra Mars bars.

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